AFAP tuyển Điều phối viên

Tổ chức Australia vì Nhân dân châu Á – Thái Bình Dương (AFAP) đang cần tuyển Điều phối viên chương trình Quốc gia. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 23/07/2010

Position: Program Coordinator
Reporting to: AFAP Viet Nam Country Director
Function: To manage the development, execution and administration of community development programs of AFAP.

Responsibilities: Program Coordinator shall be responsible:
• To coordinate the in-country implementation of AFAPʼs Community-based Programs.
• To develop new program initiatives under the direction of the Country Director and in collaboration with program staff and partner organisations
• The identification of development opportunities and preparation of project proposals related to Viet Nam.
• Tracking Commercial Funding opportunities.
• Ensure all AFAP policies are understood by all project staff and partners.

Key Duties:
Under the direction of AFAP Country Director, the Program Coordinator will oversee local coordination and implementation of AFAP projects in Viet Nam as specified and have monthly meeting updates with Country Director.
The Program Coordinator will endeavour to develop and implement a project achieving the projectʼs main development objectives and be involved in working group networks. Travel when required.
The Program Coordinator will strive in all cases for accountability in the implementation of activities, and to developing the long-term sustainability of inputs. The Program Coordinator will also endeavour to look for new funding and assist in the development of concept notes and proposals with due consideration of donor and in-country strategies and meet with MDGs.

Overall Responsibilities:
A. Responsibility Area No. 1
1. Project Implementation
• Organise and assist in the implementation of technical training workshops for district, commune, and village level partners.
• Work with consultant, district, commune and village partners to plan and develop project activities.
• Monitor training programs.
• Purchase, and if necessary develop, appropriate educational materials.
• Ensure that training and training materials are appropriate to the cultural diversity within the communities.
• Facilitate active involvement of partners in all stages of the project.
2. Management
• Coordinate the approval process of new projects with local authorities.
• Supervise the completion of MOUs with partners.
• Project development and administration, ensuring donor contractual commitments are met.
• Submit quarterly workplans and activity schedules.
• Work with project partners in the development of workplans that are consistent with the projectʼs objectives.
• Monitor and assign project tasks on a monthly basis to ensure that activities are run to schedule and on budget.
• Identify and help address issues and problems that may jeopardize outputs, including risk management analysis.
• Organize and participate in project mobilisation and planning meetings.
• Participate in all Project Coordination Committee meetings if necessary.
• Help organise and run management workshops for district and commune partners.
• Help with translation and interpreting when necessary.
3. Monitoring and Evaluation
• Establish and manage project monitoring and evaluation systems.
• Ensure project documents are kept in good order, both hard copies and on the server.
• Develop appropriate monitoring systems and work with local partners to collect information on project indicators on a monthly basis.
• Record and analyse the collected information monthly.
• Act on results to improve the quality of the program.
• Ensure partners are given AFAP policies and monitor that the policies are understood and abided by.
• Collect monitoring data on a monthly basis to help with evaluation.
• Assist in evaluating implementation processes, effectiveness and impact for all projects.
• Organise review and evaluation meetings as well as present information and results at key meetings.
4. Reporting
• Prepare project reports required by donors and other agencies.
• Report monthly or quarterly on the progress of project activities depending on size/scale of project.
• Complete field trip reports.
• Provide template to partner to complete activity reports and quarterly reports.
• Provide guidance to partners re reporting requirements, as necessary.
5. Financial
• Establish and manage financial and activity planning systems in accordance with AFAP Vietnamʼs standards.
• Develop narrative budget for the project and proposal development.
• Project budget management and financial reporting in accordance with contractual agreements and donor and AFAP requirements.
• Oversee project financial agreements and project management agreements with project partners.
• Oversee timely and cost effective procurement of equipment, materials and services for project implementation according to AFAPʼs and donor guidelines.
• Ensure good financial management of funds for the projectʼs major components.
• Prepare budgets estimates and acquittals for project activities.
• Assist in preparing project budgets and acquittals required for reporting.
6. Participation in the development of AFAPʼs strategic planning processes
• Identification of key areas (sector or geographic) and potential donors
• Attend project meetings and other meetings relevant to the project.
• Keep up to date with emerging information and activities and inform Country Director.
• Attend staff development courses and staff meetings.
• Represent AFAP at working group meetings.
• AFAP Policy Development and comply with AFAP systems, procedures and operating philosophy in according to AFAP Manual.
• The Program Coordinator must be willing to accept other responsibilities and tasks that may be designated by AFAP.
B. Responsibility Area No. 2
Develop new program initiatives under the direction of the Country Director and in collaboration with other program staff and partner organisations
• Identify donor opportunities for program development in collaboration with partners.
• Coordinate the development of concept papers and proposals that comply with Vietnam Government priorities and AFAP Vietnamʼs programming priorities and strategic directions (needs assessment, proposal development,
proposal submission)
• In the development and design of proposals, the Program Coordinator will conduct needs assessment, situational analysis, risk analysis and propose activities to meet the objectives of the project. A narrative budget will also be

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