Học bổng 2010 tại UNFPA

Chương trình học bổng “The Special Youth Programme” của Quỹ dân số Liên Hợp Quốc (UNFPA) đang tuyển sinh cho khóa học tại trụ sở chính của UNFPA ở New York (4,5 tháng) và tại một văn phòng đại diện của UNFPA (4,5 tháng). Thông tin chi tiết xin xem thêm dưới đây:

Fellowship at UNFPA Special Youth Programme


The Special Youth Programme fellowship consists of an initial 4.5 months fellowship at UNFPA Headquarters, New York, followed by a continued fellowship of another 4.5 months in the UNFPA Office in the country of the fellow.


UNFPA will recruit six young people to be Special Youth Fellows from 1 April – 31 December.



This programme is designed to give young people from developing countries opportunities to engage in policy development and programming; to help build the capacity of young people; and to sensitize both young people and UNFPA staff on partnering to address adolescent and youth issues.


During the course of the programme, fellows will: Attend and participate in UNFPA and UN events and meetings as appropriate

  • Undertake research and writing assignments
  • Contribute to ongoing projects and programmes
  • Organize a final presentation to UNFPA HQ staff on their projects and fellowships in Headquarters
  • Interact with the New York local youth community on at least one occasion
  • Develop a relationship with the Regional and Country Office and provide updates on their activities during the HQ fellowship and provide updates to HQ during fellowship at Regional or Country Office

All selected candidates will be provided:

  • Cost of return travel from country of origin
  • Assistance with travel documents and visa requirements
  • Health insurance – Housing arrangements
  • Subsistence allowance (for meals and other basic needs)
  • A workstation and internet access
  • Opportunities to be mentored by UNFPA staff on issues of interest
  • Administrative assistance as required

Qualifications and Experience

Criteria: Candidates must have some programme experience in areas of UNFPA’s mandate. These areas include: young people’s sexual and reproductive health, reproductive rights, humanitarian response, population, gender, culture, human rights, HIV prevention, poverty reduction, and sustainable livelihoods.


  • Aged between 20-24 years old. Applicants born before 1 January 1987 will not be considered. No exceptions.
  • Residence and nationality of a developing country. Applicants from developed countries will not be considered for this programme, but are invited to apply for UNFPA’s regular internship programme.
  • Established interest and dedication to development issues through previous experiences or affiliation with a youth network or NGO working on development issues
  • Basic leadership and advocacy skills
  • Basic understanding of issues of importance to UNFPA and what the organization stands for – English language skills (written and oral)
  • Commitment to return to home country to undertake follow up work with young people


To apply for this programme go to http://www.unfpa.org/employment/vacancy.htm and click on “Apply Online”. Please click on the vacancy for your region. Feel free to contact youth@unfpa.org for more information.