ICCO tuyển cán bộ chương trình

Tổ chức ICCO & kerk in Actie đang cần tuyển 01 cán bộ chương trình. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 22/12/2009.

ICCO Regional Office, South East Asia
Programme officer for Vietnam
Salary: Competitive terms and conditions will be offered
Based: Denpasar, Indonesia
Closing date: December 22 2009

ICCO & Kerk in Actie
ICCO is the Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation, Kerk in Actie is part of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. ICCO & Kerk in Actie combine their knowledge, means and policies to enable them to do their work in developing countries better and more efficiently. The ICCO Office manages projects and programmes of both ICCO and Kerk in Actie.

Together we provide financial support and advice to local organisations and networks throughout the world that are dedicated to improving access to basic services, stimulating sustainable economic development and advancing peace and democracy. We also put enterprising people in the Netherlands and developing countries in contact with one another. We work very closely with social organisations; including development organisations; educational institutions and businesses. Our assistance goes to help people in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe build a more dignified existence and become financially independent. ICCO is in the process of decentralizing parts of its organisation, whereby some employees will perform their duties from a regional office. ICCO has about 250 employees. More information can be found on our website: www.icco.nl  

During the coming years ICCO will be transformed into an international organisation based on cooperation and co-responsibility. This is going to be operational through the following measures:

1) Programmatic approach: rather than several bilateral relationships, we’ll give priority to cooperation with multi-actor networks / coalitions in which organisations of different backgrounds and strengths cooperate to achieve objectives jointly agreed upon

2) Co-responsibility: strategies and policies at regional / national level will be formulated (and reviewed) by Regional Councils, composed of civil society actors from the regions concerned; strategies and policies at ICCO’s corporate level will be formulated (and reviewed) with substantial inputs from civil society actors of the South

3) Decentralization: operational tasks will be entrusted to Regional Offices, based in the region, composed of staff recruited from the region and The Netherlands; regional offices are part of the (one) ICCO working organisation led by the Board of Directors of ICCO.



About the Regional Office in South East Asia, Indonesia

In the region South East Asia ICCO works in Indonesia, the Philippines, Pacific, East Timor, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Asia wide. For this region, a Regional Office will be set up in Denpasar, Indonesia. At this office, ICCO will work with a mixed PO team from the region South-East Asia.

The management of projects/programmes will gradually be transferred from the Global Office in The Netherlands to the Regional Office, and local/regional as well as international staff will be hired to work in the region. All three ICCO thematic areas (Fair Economic Development, Access to Basic Services, Democratisation and Peacebuilding) will be present in the regional organisation.

About the staff

We are looking for 1 Programme Officers, coming from Vietnam
All PO’s are expected to contribute to the team capacity on the ICCO main themes. Next to the Vietnamese Programme Officers there will be Programme officers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodja, Thailand and a PO coming from the Global Office in the Netherlands.

Tasks and responsibilities of the programme Officer (PO)
The main responsibility of the PO for Vietnam is the facilitation, supporting, monitoring and capacity building of the ICCO partners and programme coalitions in Vietnam, in accordance with ICCO/ Kerk in Actie policies and guidelines. The programme officer reports to the Regional Manager and works in a multidisciplinary team in direct cooperation with the Finance Officer.

The main role of the PO will be process facilitation ; to facilitate the process of programmatic way of working. Therefore, the PO needs to have strong capacities in facilitating, supporting, advising, and capacity building skills.

The main tasks of the Programme Officers will be:
– Identify and facilitate programmes and programme coalitions by applying the 4 ICCO strategic roles: strategic financing, advocacy and lobby, capacity building and brokerage.
– Assess programme- and project proposals.
– Prepare funding- and other decisions.
– Review audit reports of projects and programmes and follow up of recommendations.
– Provide input to the financial planning, budgeting, performance, monitoring, capacity development and risk management of projects and programmes.
– Control, evaluate and monitor ongoing contracts between ICCO/ Kerk in Actie and local partners.
– Assist preparation of medium term and long term financial plans, spending, and cash flow forecasts.
– Contribute to learning and linking and coordinate research and knowledge
– Contribute to strategic policy development and to the development of the regional plan.
– Contribute to the fundraising possibilities with regard to the relevant themes on Fair Economic Development, Democratization & Peace Building or Access to Basic Services.

Profile of the Programme Officers
– Advanced knowledge of programme and project formulation, accountability requirements.
– Relevant educational background in the fields of one of the 3 main themes:
o Democratization and peace building;
o Fair economic development; value chains; access to local and international markets;
o Access to basic services: food security; health; education; hiv/aids, water and sanitation with a focus on access for the poor and marginalized
– Knowledge on, and preferably experience in, the region and with the partners.
– Substantial professional experience, of which at least five years has been spent handling a portfolio of development programmes.
– Experience with multi-stakeholder processes
– Experience with institutional donors
– Good knowledge of economic, social and political situation in the region, familiarity with regional issues.
– Good knowledge of development issues, change processes and North-South cooperation.
– Good knowledge and ability to work with community.
– Excellent language skills in English
– Affinity with the Protestant character of ICCO
– Knowledge of PME systems of projects and programmes.
– Knowledge of financial aspects related to funding of programmes.
– Relevant experience of assessment and analyses of project/programme plans.
– Negotiation, networking, facilitation and communication skills.
– Prepared to travel frequently in the country.
– Ability and willingness to work with people of different backgrounds and to contribute constructively to a working environment based on mutual respect and trust.

Terms of employment
For the PO position ICCO offers competitive terms. We expect candidates to work from the regional office in Denpasar. Frequent travelling is part of the job of the PO.

Please send your motivation letter and CV (up to 4 pages maximum and in English ) only by e-mail and before December 22 2009 to Southeastasiavacancies@icco.nl.The interviews will be held the end of January in Hanoi. Please use ‘ PO Vietnam’ as the subject for your letter and CV.

When shortlisted, you will receive an invitation to come to Hanoi . A written test and a reference check will be part of the procedure. Also a medical check is necessary. We plan to contract the PO from April 1st , 2010. Expected Duration of Assignment: 12 months with possibility for extension

ICCO gives an equal-opportunity employment regardless of race, gender, religion, or political affiliations.