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Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 29/8/2012

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

CARE in Vietnam is looking for an experienced and qualified Vietnamese to fill in Manager for Health & Social Sector Program.

Position information:

Position title: Manager- Health & Social Sector Program

Reporting to: Health & Social Sector Program Coordinator

Contract: One year with potential for extension

Base in: Hanoi with regular travel within Vietnam

 Position summary:

• On behalf of the Health & Social Program Coordinator, provide management, quality assurance and supervision to a team of national project managers, specialists and project partners.

• Coordinate a range of program level processes, activities and meetings under the direction of the Health and Social Sector Program Coordinator.

• Assist with donor management, compliance and reporting in partnership with the Project Support Team and the Health and Social Sector Program Coordinator.

• Independently manage small grant projects directly or in coordination with other managers as value added components linked to existing projects.

 Main duties:

1. Program Management:

• Assist the Health and Social Sector Program Coordinator in management and supervision of projects and project managers.

• Prepare briefing reports on current project, issues and events relevant to the program and projects.

• Participate in the development of new concept papers and project proposals under the direction of the Health and Social Sector Program Coordinator and/or specific Project Managers as required.

• Act on behalf of the Health and Social Sector Program Coordinator to directly manage projects and staff as delegated in times of absence or high activity.

 2. Program Coordination and Project Management:

• Coordinate and prepare program level team meetings, technical trainings and events.

• Coordinate participation of technical officers, managers and project officers to ensure full participation of CVN in key sectoral forums, meetings and events.

• Facilitate the development and implementation of processes and procedures relevant to the program as a whole or to specific groups of projects and/or staff.

• Coordinate sharing and learning within the Health and Social Sector Team and relevant staff from other programs within CVN.

• Establish and maintain administrative and technical records that allow for effective knowledge management within the Health and Social Sector Program and within CARE.

• Under supervision of the Health & Social Program Coordinator, directly manage and/or coordinate the management of small grant funded projects within the Health and Social Sector Program.

3. Reporting and project cycle management:

• Establish and maintain systems to track key project milestones, outputs and donor reports.

• Review project documentation and ensure Project Managers and their staff maintain professional project records.

• Assist project managers to compile and complete professional reports to donors.

• Prepare or facilitate the preparation of professional human interest stories, project briefings and presentations for donors and CARE International Members.

 4. Representation:

• Represent CARE Vietnam in HIV AIDS and health-related working groups and sub-groups as appropriate or as requested by the Health and Social Sector Coordinator or members of the Senior Management Team.

• Ensure that research findings and lessons learnt from CARE’s health sector program activities are appropriately shared with key partners and other interested groups.

• Assist Health and Social Sector Program Staff to coordinate and support international and national guests in relation to e.g. donor visits, monitoring and evaluation, external consultants, exchange visits etc.

 Selection Criteria:

1. University and/ or advanced degree in fields relevant to public health;

2. A minimum of five years project/program experience working in the field of health or related social program.

3. Experience in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of community-based HIV and/or Sexual and Reproductive Health projects.

4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

5. Previous experience with international NGO or aid management organizations.

6. Previous experience in working with local partners is desirable.

 Child Protection:

CARE International in Vietnam is committed to protecting the rights of children in all areas we work around the world. Applicants are advised that CARE International in Vietnam reserves the right to screen candidates to ensure a child-safe environment. Further information can be found in the CARE Vietnam child protection policy.

Interested candidates should send a full CV in English and stating the position title to email: Closing date to apply for this position: 29 August 2012.

The short-listed applicants will be contacted for interviews. Please no telephone contact after submitting the application.