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Oxfam HK cần tuyển 1 nhóm chuyên gia tư vấn có năng lực để thực hiện đề án đánh giá hiệu quả Dự án phát triển kinh tế xã hội tại đia phương. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến ngày 31/12/2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:


  1. I.      Background

The SEDP is the Government of Viet Nam’s primary national planning tool. It contains a vast array of goals and targets relating to social issues. However planning, both strategic and annual is reported as a “top-down” affair in most provinces in Vietnam. In addition, local officials and professional staff who are directly responsible for SEDP planning process have limited capacity either in technical skills or ‘soft skills’ such as communication and facilitation. Various initiatives by different donors target at standardizing the tool of planning to ensure the participation, accountability and transparency of the process hence improve the quality of the SEDP.

In an attempt to achieve one objective of its development program in Vietnam titled: “Government planning and resource allocation systems are more responsive to the needs and aspirations of ethnic minorities in target provinces in Vietnam”, Oxfam, together with other donors (Chia Sẻ, PLAN International, Lux Development, PORIS (Belgium Technical Cooperation), has supported the SEDP planning process reform in Nghe An and Quang Tri since 2009.

The very first results of Oxfam support in the areas of SEDP reform are promising:

–        Common procedure for the planning process gets the consensus from different donors who share the goals of improving the quality of SEDP planning process;

–        2 manuals guiding the SEDP planning process at village level (V- SEDP manual) and commune level (C-SEDP manual) were approved by Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) of Nghe An and Quang Tri and  used by local authorities in some pilot districts for the task of SEDP planning in 2010.

–        Oxfam is working with partners to develop and finalize tools to monitor and evaluate the implementation of SEDP.

To sufficiently support provincial partners to improve the quality of the planning process, Oxfam will hire external consultant to review the utility of the SEDP manuals. Based on consultant findings and recommendations, Oxfam will work with partners to edit and improve the manuals and the process.

II/. Goal and purposes of the evaluation

The overall goal of this assignment is to assess the utility of the 2 manuals (V-SEDP and C-SEDP manuals)

More specifically, the evaluation will:

–        Assess whether the manuals create space for local people, especially women and ethnic minorities to participate in all steps of planning process cycle suggested by the manuals (especially the village meeting and the commune workshop);

–        Assess whether the steps of planning process cycle suggested by the manuals are logic and doable by Government agencies and relevant stakeholders;

–        Assess whether the cost to implement the suggested SEDP  planning process is reasonable to Government agencies;

–        Assess whether village representative substantially participates in the planning process – village representative should include: secretary of village communist party, representative of community mass organization (e.g. youth union, women union, farmer union, veterans union…), representative of poor households, ethnic minority, rich households.

–        Identify to what extent and how the manuals and planning process cycle suggested by the manuals have contributed to change the planning methodology/ approach from “top-down’ to participatory;

–        Assess whether the manuals and tools (guidelines, tables) are friendly user ;

–        Assess whether the manuals and tools (guidelines, tables) are fine in Kinh language or should be in ethnic minority languages

–        Identify gaps of the suggested SEDP planning process and manuals for revision and improvement.

III/. Scope of work

1)     Reviewing the C- SEDP and V-SEDP manuals and related materials;

2)     Conducting field research in Nghe An and Quang Tri province.

3)     Conducting interview with key stakeholders of the SEDP planning process and SEDP manuals’ users

4)     Consulting with the implementing agency in the whole process of assessment;

5)     Compiling evaluation report;

 IV/. Expected outputs

The output of the evaluation will be a report (hard and soft copy both in English and Vietnamese) that contents:

–        Analysis of the utility of the 2 manuals

–        All recommendations to help Oxfam and its partners to improve the quality of the manuals and the SEDP planning process

Report format requirements:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Executive Summary:

No more than two or three pages Executive Summary should focus on the key purpose or issues of the evaluation, outline the main points of the analysis, and clearly indicate the main conclusions, lessons learned and specific recommendations.

  • Main body of the report:

The main body of the report shall elaborate the points listed in the Executive Summary.  Each key conclusion should be followed by recommendation.

  • Annexes:
    • Terms of Reference;
    • List of persons interviewed and sites visited;
    • Abbreviations

A decent draft will be sent to Oxfam for feedback

VI/. Suggested methodology

Interested consultants should submit proposals on how to carry out the activities mentioned above in the most effective and efficient manner clarifying the general approach and methodology. The methodology should concentrate on how to collect both qualitative and quantitative data and information.

VII/. Qualifications of the Consultant

The Consultants will be selected based upon their qualifications, competences and experiences suiting with the scope and area of this assignment.

The consultants should have experience of carrying out evaluation and assessment tasks. The consultants should have in-depth knowledge in the field of SEDP reform, SEDP planning process in Vietnam.

The team should have at least one senior consultant with minimum10 years of experience in relevant field.

The consultant will be responsible for providing all evaluation-related human resources, equipments and materials to carry out the evaluation.

Consultant proposal should include, but not to be limited to:

–        A brief description of your experiences on evaluation and assessment of similar nature in Vietnam. You should also provide any other information that will facilitate our evaluation with your skill and capacity to meet our requirements;

–        Updated CVs, highlighting relevant qualifications and experience.

–        A detailed description of your approach/manner in which you would respond to the ToR;

–        Any comments/suggestions on the ToR, information, support services and facilities to be provided by OHK;

–        An overall quotation in Vietnamese Dong for all services provided (consultant fees, travels, accommodations, etc.)

Your proposal will be evaluated by the following criteria:

–        The qualifications and competences of the personnel;

–        Reliability, experience and capacity in similar field of the assignment;

–        The approach in responding to the ToR;

–        Total costs of your services.

VIII/. Responsibilities of different stakeholders

  1. 1.     Oxfam:

–        Be responsible for overall coordination of the evaluation and assessment task

–        Working out with consultant to finalise the detailed agenda, methodology of the evaluation

–        Providing consultant with necessary documents related to SEDP work of Oxfam in Nghe An and Quang Tri

  1. 2.     Oxfam provincial partners:

–        Arrange meetings between evaluation team and relevant stakeholders

–        Assign competent officials to participate in the evaluation team while requested

–        Other administrative support for the evaluation in fields

  1. 3.     Consultant

–        Work with Oxfam to finalise the evaluation methodology and detailed agenda

–        Conduct the field/ desk research and compile the final report in a proper manner

IX/. Proposed evaluation timeline:

The tentative time for the evaluation is in February 2012. Oxfam will work with the consultants to finalize the detailed agenda of the evaluation.

X/. Other information

Consultant proposal in both English and Vietnamese should be sent to:

Nguyen Hoai Nam

Governance Program Officer

Oxfam Hong Kong

22 Le Dai Hanh- Ha Noi- Vietnam

E-mail: namnh@ohk.org.vn

Tel: (84) 4 3945 4406, x 102

Facsimile:   (84) 4 3945 4405

Deadline: 31 Dec 2011.