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Trung tâm Sống và Học tập vì Môi trường và Cộng đồng (Live&Learn Vietnam) tuyển thực tập sinh với các công việc liên quan tới xây dựng năng lực, truyền thông, phát triển mạng lưới và hành
chính. Thời hạn nộp đơn: 15/5/2010. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Live and Learn for Environment and Community (Live&Learn), a not-for-profit organization was established 15th January 2009 with the mission to reduce poverty and foster greater understanding and action towards a sustainable future through education, community mobilization and supportive partnerships. Live&Learn is a member of Live&Learn Environmental Education (, with rich working experience in sustainable community development and education in the Asia-Pacific.


Live&Learn is proud to offer a unique educational opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students.


General Description:

The successful candidate for the intern position will be given a hands-on learning experience which will develop his/her skills needed for a full-time job with Live & Learn or any future career. Live & Learn will provide opportunities for the intern to participate in and learn the various tasks involved in developing and running projects on sustainable development education and practices. Tasks will include:


Assist in Capacity Development work

·         Contribute to environmental education materials, including writing, editing and translating texts from English to Vietnamese

·         Provide support for training workshops and activities for youths and communities


Assist in Communication and Networking work

·         Write and edit articles and press releases on sustainable development activities

·         Ensure event information is circulated on social networks, including networking sites


Assist in Organization and Administration work

·         Help organize events, including pre-event activities, logistics arrangement, and contributing to monitoring and evaluation

·         Organize and maintain Live & Learn publications and library system 

·         Other supporting tasks to the team when required


Selection Criteria:

          A keen interest in sustainable development, from environmental to good governance topics

          Enthusiasm in interactive training delivery and materials development

          Strong work ethic and commitment to efficient completion of tasks

          Critical thinking skills and problem solving skills

          Good spoken and written English and fluent Vietnamese;

          Good computer applications skills (Word, Excel, Powerpoint,…)

          Good interpersonal skills, the ability to work in a team and to work independently

          Must be able to commit to a schedule of 2-3 days a week. .


To apply:

Please email a Cover Letter (in English) stating why you are suitable for this position,  together with a CV describing your working interest, qualifications and any social work experience by 15 May 2010 to:


Alternatively, send your application to: Live and Learn for Environment and Community, No.30, lane 32/26, To Ngoc Van St, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: 84-4-39436678


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Applications will not be returned.