MCNV tuyển 02 Cán bộ dự án

MCNV cần tuyển 02 Cán bộ dự án làm việc tại Nha Trang. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 15/02/2008. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

The Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam (MCNV – Nha Trang office) is looking for 2 Project Officers (Vietnamese nationals)

1. Agronomy/veterinarian | 2. Gender/Handicraft

MCNV is an NGO with 40 years experience in development assistance to Vietnam. Our mission is to achieve structural improvements in the health and livelihood of disadvantaged groups in Vietnam through activities that strengthen those groups to find solutions for their problems themselves. MCNV has 3 expatriates and 30 Vietnamese staff working in three offices in Vietnam (Hanoi, Quang Tri and Nha Trang). MCNV funds come from the donations by private supporters in The Netherlands and subsidies from the Dutch Government, the EC and other funds, which enable us to support a wide variety of projects in partnership with the health sector of Vietnam. “Health improvement” is viewed very broadly by MCNV and includes capacity building at many levels as well as structural poverty reduction, which is the main focus of the program in Khanh Hoa:

Community-managed Health & Livelihood Development in Khanh Vinh district
Since 2004 MCNV is cooperating with the People’s Committee of Khanh Vinh district and the Italian NGO UCODEP in a five-year project to improve the quality of life in poor mountainous communities in Khanh Vinh through “community-managed development” (CMD). The project has co-financing from the European Community. Activities are multisectoral, with a focus on Production (Agriculture, Forestry, manufacturing), Market improvement and Health. Activities are chosen, planned, monitored and evaluated by the target groups themselves, with an explicit vision to ensure that the development will benefit all, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups: people with disabilities, the poorest, ethnic minorities, women and children.

Functions and requirements (two positions):

There are two vacancies for Project Officers for Community Development in MCNV Nha Trang office. All project staff are expected to have:

– A high motivation and good attittude to work towards equitable poverty alleviation in a cross-cultural setting, respectful to and interested in other cultures and values, gender sensitive;

– Capacity to work good in a team as well as independently;

– Good facilitating and communication skills, attitude and experience in participatory development work;

– Living in Khanh Hoa province or willing to move longterm to Nha Trang;

The Community Development Project Officers: (full-time) need to have a strong community development background (preferably at Master level) and will, together with the Local Network in the District:

– Facilitate/develop the Community-based development monitoring and evaluation processes;

– Design and conduct specific training modules and IEC;

– Coach villagers in the implementation of a new Micro-Credit & Savings system;

– facilitate the preparation, approval and guide/advice on the implementation of Village, Interest Group and Individual Development Plans;

– Encourage and facilitate the process to involve disadvantaged, vulnerable groups like the poor, people with disabilities and women to take part in the development (‘Focus groups’).

– co-ordinate with external experts (consultants).

The succesfull applicants are expected to bring in specific background/expertise in any of the two following fields:

1. Agronomist / Veterinarian with skills in locally appropriate IEC development,

2. Gender, Handicraft development and Marketing, Health promotion/behaviour change.

Employment conditions:

Employment will be on contract basis: after a satisfactory probation period a yearly extended contract is possible untill at least August 2009. Salaries will depend on educational and experience levels following the MCNV scales (INGO level).

Application procedure:

Please send a letter expressing your interest and explaining your capacity for this jobs, together with a complete CV (and if possible references) by email to

The deadline for application is: 15th of February 2008, and employment could start latest on 1st April 2008. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview, during sessions either in Nha Trang or in the applicant’s place of residence.

For more information about MCNV you may want to consult: