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SCUK cần tuyển tư vấn cho lĩnh vực HIV. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 17/01/2008. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Child focused HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support for children infected/affected by HIV and AIDS

TOR of project documentation Period April 2005 ? March 2008

I. Background:

Save the Children UK has been working in partnership with government agencies in Vietnam to implement a programme to address the issues of children in relation to HIV and AIDS. The programme has been implemented in 4 provinces/city, Hai Phong, Bac Giang, Ho Chi Minh and Long An provinces. It is designed to tackle the violation of children?s rights, especially those in relation to HIV and AIDS. These include rights to access to information, services, the right to participation, the right to equal access to basic social services, the right to be free from discrimination, and the right to be protected from neglect and abuse. Practical work will be balanced with advocacy work at various levels in order to have the largest possible impact on the lives of the children.

The overall Objective of the programme

All children aged under 18 years in four provinces will have received sufficient information and service provision to protect themselves from HIV infection and, for those children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, that they are provided with adequate care and support in their communities to minimize the negative impacts of HIV and AIDS on their lives.

The specific objective of the programme:

Components Objectives

Prevention – To have provided children in urban and rural areas with the information and skills to protect themselves from HIV infection

Care and Support – To have provided children affected by HIV and AIDS with access to care and support in the community to ensure the fulfilment of their basic rights

Advocacy – To have influenced policy makers to incorporate children?s issues into the national HIV and AIDS action plan

To have made duty bearers realise their responsibility to protect children from the impact of HIV and AIDS

To have successfully advocated for more community based care and support approaches.

II. Consultancy Objective:

SAVE THE CHILDREN UK is looking for a consultant to write the project?s documentation for the period of April 2004 to March 2008. The objectives of the consultancy are to: 

– document the programme design and its implementation structures and processes 

– document lessons learnt against key outputs 

– identify the impact of changes made by SCUK programme in local policy and practices in supporting children affected by HIV and AIDS 

– analyse the strength/weaknesses/opportunities/threats of the programme design and its implementation processes according to the current and near future trends in HIV and AIDS and child protection 

– make specific recommendations for programme design and implementation processes for the coming 3-5 years

III. Expected tasks and outputs:

During the consultancy, the consultant is expected to deliver the following tasks and outputs:

1. Study the project documents; periodical reports and other reports available.

2. To pay field visits to project sites in Haiphong, Bac Giang, HCMC and Long An (please see the timetable below for references). The exact dates will be negotiated by the project managers and the consultant after consultations with our respective local partners.

3. Data collection in 4 provinces; assessment and analysis.

4. Submit draft report

5. Workshop feedback from SC UK project?s staffs and partners

6. Submit final report in Vietnamese and in English

IV. Working Approach:

According to SAVE THE CHILDREN UK child protection policy, the programme expects the consultant to work closely with the selected staff and partners to make sure the all protection issues, such as voluntary participation/consent, confidentiality, and child protection are ensured.

V. Timetable:

This consultancy offers 25 _ working days excluding travel time during the period from 23 January, 08 onwards. The following is a draft time-table

No of days Date Activity Location

_ day 23/Jan/2008 ? Discuss consultancy objectives with the HIV team. Identify staff working relationships and timeframe ? Agree on report outline Hanoi or HCM

2 days Desk study

10 days Field work Hanoi, Bac Giang, HCM, Long An

7 days Draft report writing

01 day Workshop feedback

5 days 5 March,2008 Submit final report to SC UK in Vietnamese and English

Total of working days 25 _ days

VI. Reporting:

The consultant will be responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of the progress plan and the quality of the report. Besides, the consultant needs to submit draft project documentation to Save the Children UK at an agreed date prior to the presentation of the final report. Save the Children UK will undertake to make comments on the draft report and propose any recommendations for revision. The consultants shall report to the HIV and AIDS Programme Manager: Mrs Nguyen Thi Hoa, Telephone: (84-4) 832 5310 (ext: 206); Email:

VII. Payment:

The consultancy fee will be made on receipt of the consultant?s invoice attached to the final report. SAVE THE CHILDREN UK will cover travel- related costs (fares, accommodation and daily food coverage) for the consultant as per current SAVE THE CHILDREN UK policy. A detailed contract, stating terms and conditions, will be signed on behalf of the project by the SAVE THE CHILDREN UK HIV and AIDS programme manager and the Consultant.

VIII. Requirement of qualification and experience: 

– Master degrees in a subject relating to HIV and AIDS, ARH and Children?s rights. 

– Experience in participatory review processes. 

– Understanding and experience of issues related to HIV and children in Vietnam. 

– Understanding about rights-based programming approaches and some experience of conducting participatory analysis in the context of child-rights. 

– High quality of analytical reporting. 

– Fluency in Vietnamese and English; 

– Vietnamese nationality.

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