Cơ hội làm việc tại Ngân hàng Phát triển Châu Á

Ngân hàng Phát triển Châu Á đang có nhu cầu tuyển 5 chuyên viên giàu kinh nghiệm và có trình độ chuyên môn hỗ trợ cho giai đoạn đầu của dự án “Quản lí hợp tác rừng đầu nguồn, bảo vệ và phục hồi  hệ sinh thái núi Cardamom, rừng đầu nguồn Prek Thnot”. Ứng viên sẽ có cơ hội làm việc với Bộ Nông, Lâm, Ngư nghiệp Campuchia, NAP Working Group, cộng đồng nhân dân địa phương và một số nhóm khác.

Hạn cuối nộp hồ sơ: 15/03/2013.

Chi tiết về công việc, vui lòng xem dưới đây:

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is seeking to recruit experienced and qualified experts to fill five (5) positions to support preparation of a project entitled: “Collaborative Management for Watershed and Ecosystem Service Protection and Rehabilitation in the Cardamom Mountains, Upper Prek Thnot Watershed.”

Working closely with the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries (MAFF) NAP Working Group, local communities and other design team members, links to apply to individual consultant ToRs are provided below.

Kindly review and post to the list-serve.

Thank you.

Victoria F. Lacio

National Project Analyst
Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture Division
Southeast Asia Department
Asian Development Bank


In November 2011, the 41st Meeting of the GEF Council approved a regional Program Framework Document (PFD) entitled the ‘Greater Mekong Sub-region Forests and Biodiversity Program’ (GMS-FBP). Under the umbrella of the GMS-FBP, a Cambodian national Project Identification Form (PIF) entitled ‘Collaborative Management for Watershed and Ecosystem Service Protection and Rehabilitation in the Cardamom Mountains, Upper Prek Thnot River Basin’ was submitted to the GEF in April 2012, and approved in June 2012. The project’s CEO Endorsement (or technical) document may now be prepared.

The Cambodia GEF project’s aim will be to ‘restore and maintain forest cover and watershed stability functions while providing for sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem services in the Upper Prek Thnot Watershed’—a priority watershed of the Cambodian National Adaptation Program (NAP) to Combat Land Degradation. The project is being developed to promote Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) to reduce pressures on upland Koh Kong Province protected forests and natural resources, and Sustainable Land Management (SLM) to address drivers of lower and mid-basin land use change, management and practice in Kampong Speu Province. PPG activities will align the project with wider conservation corridor interventions, including the Cambodian NAP, government and baseline projects (e.g. the $US19M ADB- Biodiversity Conservation Corridors project).

Project preparatory activities (PPG) are deemed critical to developing integrated management of landscape mosaics and building stabilized watershed catchment functions. Project preparation activities will identify and shore-up critical aspects of the developing project’s scope to direct design of on-the-ground landscape and community level activities: i) improving on-farm soil and water management practices in middle to upper watershed areas; ii) integrating agro-forest and forest ecosystem restoration, and; iii) improving stakeholder capacities for watershed management and monitoring.

Please refer and apply to project design positions by 15 March 2013 via attached links, below: