Hưởng ứng Cuộc thi làm video PLURAL+ 2012

Liên minh các nền văn minh Liên Hợp quốc (UNAOC) phối hợp với Tổ chức Di cư Quốc tế (IOM) đã phát động cuộc thi làm video PLURAL+ 2012, tập trung vào các chủ đề chính: Di cư, tính đa dạng và sự gắn kết xã hội.

Hạn cuối nộp tác phẩm dự thi: 01/7/2012.

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) again invite the world’s youth to submit original and creative videos focusing on PLURAL+ themes: migration, diversity and social inclusion.

Recognizing youth as powerful agents of social change in a world often characterized by intolerance, and cultural and religious divisions, PLURAL+ invites youth to address key challenges in their communities related to migrant integration, inclusiveness, identity, diversity, human rights and social cohesiveness, both at local and global levels. Young people up to 25 years old are invited to submit short videos of five minutes maximum in length.

Marc Scheuer, Director of the UNAOC, said “PLURAL+ videos fit very well in this very relevant conversation: how to build more inclusive societies where we can all live together in harmony.” Michele Klein-Solomon, Permanent Observer to the United Nations, IOM, added “PLURAL+ videos touch very sensitive issues in a very real way. They look at the realities that people are facing; we like to see young people expressing their profound ideas in a manner that allows the opening of a dialogue.”

Independent media producer and PLURAL+ 2011 jury member Renzo Devia said, “I was amazed to see how these young film makers created these videos and I really appreciate the work they put into these productions. Probably the most impressive thing is the stories. I learned a lot from different cultures and social issues in various nations”.

PLURAL+ supports young people’s expression of their opinions by providing them with a variety of media platforms and distribution networks, including broadcasts, video festivals, conferences and events around the world. PLURAL+ not only provides young people with an effective platform to express themselves on key migration and diversity issues, but also reinforces the firm belief of IOM and UNAOC that youth are powerful and creative agents of social change.

A prestigious international jury will select three winners in each age categories (9-12, 13-17, 18-25). All the winners will be invited to New York, all travel expenses paid, to present their work at PLURAL + 2012 Awards Ceremony at the Paley Center for Media on 6th December 2012.

PLURAL+ partner organizations will also award other prizes and professional opportunities, such as winning participants presenting their work at film and video festivals, conferences and events around the world.

PLURAL + 2012 deadline for video submission is 1 July, 2012. Early submissions are encouraged. Further information, including guidelines, regulations, awards, and the entry form can be found at the PLURAL+ website at: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=9zJAt&m=JDqHV0i5LpGpda&b=isLX0OzUH9GUqrW.ZVn1Lw

You can watch PLURAL+ 2011 winners here

PLURAL+ is a joint project of the UNAOC and the IOM with the support of many international partners, including: Anna Lindh Foundation, Chinh India, Cine y Salud Spain, COPEAM, Universal Forum of Cultures Foundation, MEC Serbia, NEXOS, Roots&Routes Germany, Royal Film Commission Jordan, Without Borders Film Festival, SIGNIS, UN TV, UNESCO AV Platform, Turkish Cultural Center New York, Gulen Institute, TAL, Global Block, Scalabrini International Migration Network, Paley Center for Media and Red Unial.

For more information, please contact: plural@unaoc.org.