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 1. Background

Victims of human trafficking, including both trafficked victims of prostitution or labour purposes, are vulnerable people who do need the support of government and society. During the time, Vietnam has taken many actions to support trafficked victims; however, many victims, especially trafficked victims of labour purposes have not been able to access these support services yet. They went abroad to work through state and private labour export companies, and some of them after that had to suffer from the forced labour situation. They had to work in bad working conditions, did things that were not described in the working contract and were forced to stop working without any compensation. As in a research announced on March 16 2011 by the Institute of Labour and Social Sciences (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Society), up to 54% of labourers working in abroad did not have a liquidated contract before they returned to their home country (Vietnam), while in order that they could go for work abroad, 100% of them had to borrow money with high interest rate from state banks or other resources[1]. As a result, when returning to Vietnam, trafficked victims of labour purposes had to exhaust to earn money.

The main point here is only a few victims are identified as victims of human trafficking as stipulated by Vietnam law. Hence, they can not receive fully legal aid support to start necessary proceedings against labourer recruitment companies in cases they may be victims of human trafficking[2]. Only 13.5% of labourers can receive the support from their locality and 16.3% get the support of labour export businesses.

From this reality, it is clearly showed that victims of human trafficking for labour purposes need to be discovered and supported in time. Discovering and identifying victims is the best way to give support to them and also give influence over the government in order to uphold the official roles of authorities at all levels in supporting victims of human trafficking. This discovery needs to be taken based on a scientific research with strategic and highly persuasive results.

With the cooperation and support of the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP), CSAGA carries out the project: “Improving the Access to Support Services for Victims of Labour Trafficking”. The first activity of this project is to understand the need of trafficked victims of labour purposes.

2. Purposes of the consultant inviting activity:

The main purpose of this activity is to carry out a research to understand the need of returned victims of human trafficking. This research is the basis to build an intervention and support strategy to support trafficked victims of labour purposes, especially give them legal aid support. In this research, we will use both the qualitative and quantitative methods in order to give answers to these questions: How are Vietnamese labourers trafficked? (The way in which they are trafficked and forced to work) What are their needs in caring and supporting? What can we do to prevent the situation in which Vietnamese labourers are trafficked for forced labour purposes?

The research will be conducted in pilot in 3 provinces, Bac Giang, Vinh Phuc and Thai Binh.

3. Expected results and outcomes:

3.1. Expected results:

Based on the research sample, the research will describe and analyze how Vietnamese labourers are trafficked, the way in which they are forced to work, forms of forced work and its level, and how they can find support/ compensation from labourer using companies and/ or stakeholders.

Recommendations about legal aid support and litigation for victims of human trafficking and suggestions of ways to communicate to prevent human trafficking for potential victims of human trafficking.

3.2. Expected outcomes:

01 research frame and research tools appropriate to the research purpose and content

4. Responsibilities of the consultant:

The research focuses on 2 main questions: How are Vietnamese labourers trafficked? And what can we do to prevent human trafficking?

Responsibilities of the consultant: The consultant will cooperate with CSAGA in implementing the research to understand the need of returned victims of human trafficking, specifically:

Cooperate with CSAGA’s project officers to build research frame and research tools (including both quantitative and qualitative tools)

Be responsible to complete research frame and research tools

Give ideas for the final report

5. Research site:

Bac Giang: Which district? Which commune? Research designer will decide

Vinh Phuc:

Thai Binh:

6. Time to conduct the research and finish report:

03 days for preparing and finishing the report frame and research tools, as well as giving comments for the report.

7. Requirements to the consultant:

Have at least 3 years working in human trafficking prevention

Have experiences in implementing researches, assessments about this topic and/ or similar topics

Be an international expert, for those who are working in Vietnam will be preferred

8. Consulting fee:

300 USD x 3 days

All information related to the project is available at CSAGA:

 Address: Building A9, Com Vong Street, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.

 Contact person: Vu Xuan Thai

 Email: xuanthai@csaga.org.vn

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