UNDP Viet Nam tuyển chuyên gia về phát triển con người

Chương trình phát triển Liên hiệp quốc (UNDP) hiện cần tuyển một chuyên gia phát triển con người, nhà phân tích phát triển con người ở Việt Nam. Hạn cuối nộp hồ sơ: 03/09/2009.

The main objective of the work is to inform current policy debates in Viet Nam on the role that social service delivery plays in promoting human development in contexts of socioeconomic transformation, such as the one that Viet Nam is currently undergoing.

In addition, the Consultant is expected to contribute to the promotion of the human development paradigm and human development analysis in Viet Nam.

• Manage the preparation of the 2010 Viet Nam National Human Development Report.
• Coordinate all inputs necessary for the completion of the NHDR by 2010.
• Lead the process of drafting the 2010 Viet Nam National Human Development Report.
Organise activities and events that help disseminate and discuss with the wider policy community and the Vietnamese public the work undertaken in preparation of the 2010 NHDR, as well as its results.

• Terms of Reference (Attached)
• Evaluation Criteria

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