Swedish CENTEC tuyển cán bộ dự án

Trung tâm Hợp tác Công nghệ Môi trường Thụy Điển (Swedish CENTEC Vietnam) cần tuyển 01 vị trí cán bộ dự án. Các cá nhân quan tâm có thể gửi hồ sơ tới  văn phòng Swedish CENTEC tại Hà Nội trước 5h chiều ngày 16.12.2011. Chi tiết công việc như sau:

Recruitment of staff for Swedish CENTEC Vietnam

Position: Project Officer, Environment and Private Sector


Sweden has carried out development cooperation with Vietnam for 40 years.  Vietnam has developed during that time and therefore Sweden is phasing out its traditional aid/development cooperation now wanting to promote self-sustained relations between Vietnamese and Swedish partners with focus on sustainable development, environment and climate change.

Therefore, the Swedish Embassy has established a project called “Center for Environmental Technology Cooperation” or in short Swedish CENTEC Vietnam. The embassy has contracted the Swedish company Ramboll Natura to manage Swedish CENTEC Vietnam.

Swedish CENTEC Vietnam is a three years project (2011-2013) with the goal to generate as many as possible sustained relations between partners in Sweden and Vietnam during that period.

Swedish CENTEC Vietnam is staffed by one Director (Swedish) and two Vietnamese project officers; one for Environment and Public Sector and, one for Environment and Private Sector. In addition an administrator/secretary is contracted as well as a junior officer from Sweden.

Swedish CENTEC Vietnam is now searching a dynamic person to take up the position as officer onEnvironment and Private Sector”.

See also http://www.swedenabroad.com and www.swedishcentec.se


The Project Officer will assist the Manager of CENTEC to perform the duty of the CENTEC. The main tasks will be:

1.  to promote and generate cooperation in selected policy areas (environment, energy, climate change) in general, between partners from Sweden and Vietnam,

2.  to contribute knowledge and insights of the Vietnamese private sector and context to facilitate promotion of cooperation and partnerships

3.  to identify Vietnamese development demands and key partners in private sector

4.  to identify key mechanisms and mode of operation to facilitate increased and sustained partnerships within the private sector

5.  to facilitate a continuous dialogue with key selected partners in the Vietnamese private sector and thereby support establishment of partnerships

6.  to understand and be able to argue for cooperation based on available Swedish Environmental Technology and System Solutions

7.  to develop and maintain a Communication Strategy for CENTEC as well as CENTEC website

8.  to plan and implement events, meetings and workshops to foster establishment of partnerships

9.  to provide technical and context relevant support to potential partners 

10.   to argue for and promote the core values of environmental governance as part of a wider and integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Specific duties and abilities

The Project Officer, Environment and Private Sector shall

1.      develop and present an own work plan based on the overall work plan of CENTEC. Work plan to be approved by the Manager.

2.      work pro-actively but in close dialogue with the Manager

3.      within the CENTEC Team contribute creativity on mode of operation as well as facilitate  and strengthened team building

4.      be able to perform and make clear presentations about the function, role and progress of CENTEC in meetings at high level as well as with representatives of potential partners and media

5.      work as part of the CENTEC team and in general support the team by contributing good working relations in order to reach common goals for CENTEC

6.      be able to perform all duties in spoken and written Vietnamese and English

7.      be able to work with relevant computer software including the use of internet as a communication mechanism

Expected background

The Project Officer, Environment and Private Sector shall have:

1. University degree in subject matters relevant to Sustainable Development including environment, energy and climate change.

2.  At least 5 years experience from working together with or within the Private sector in relevant fields.

3. Documented fluency in spoken and written Vietnamese and English and good understanding of the technical terminology relevant fort the position

4. Have well documented higher (university) education from abroad and in English. Can be replaced by a working experience in similar field if international references can be provided

5. Have a well developed network in the fields of environment, energy and climate change in the private sector


Application can be handed in at the CENTEC office, House 8, Swedish Camp; No2, Nui Truc Street, Van Phuc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. If stationed outside Hanoi you can also use the following e-mail for communication: info.vietnam@swedishcentec.se

The application should be sent before 5 pm, 16 December, 2011.