Dự án FLITCH tuyển tư vấn

Dự án Phát triển Lâm nghiệp để Cải thiện Đời sống vùng Tây Nguyên (FLITCH) cần tuyển tư vấn làm việc tại 6 tỉnh dự án ở Tây Nguyên.

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: Trước ngày 10/10/2011.

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

National Procurement Consultant (5 person-months until end of 2012. Can be part time).

Qualifications: Undergraduate degree in economics and at least 3 years experience in procurement in the public sector (related to Natural Resources / Forestry) and in multilateral donor projects (preferably ADB). Good command of English.

General: Forests for Livelihoods Improvement of the Central Highlands Project (FLITCH) is funded by Asia Development Bank (ADB) and Trust Fund for Forestry (TFF) (co-financed by Finland, the Netherlands and Switzerland).

Main objectives of the Project are:

Reduce poverty; narrow the gap in terms of incomes for poor households compared with average households in the areas dependent on the forests to earn their living of 6 provinces in the project area, in which special attention is drawn to ethnic minority community

Strengthen capacity of management and use of forests and forest land in the project area, especially capacity in management and skills of forestry production for community and households.
Sustainable Forest management and conservation of biodiversity with the participation of the community, State and private organizations

Development of production forests of high productivity, planting protection forests, special-use forests and other silvicultural activities to increase capacity of supplying wood and forest products, increase income for the people, contribute to protect the environment and conserve biodiversity.

Resolution of essential needs on infrastructure for social and economic development in the project area such as roads, clean water for daily use, clinics, schools, small-scale irrigation structures and cultural houses of the community

Contribute to improve livelihoods for the forest-based people living in 60 selected communes of 6 provinces of the project area.

The project has four components – A. Sustainable management and development of forest resources; B. Improvement of livelihoods, C. Capacity building; D. Project management and implementation.

Location: The consultancy work will be undertaken in Flitch’s 6 provinces in the Central Highlands.

Terms of Reference:

1. Support CPMU’s procurement staff in refining Flitch’s procurement system (planning, preparation of bidding documents, evaluation, contract award).

2. Support s required – together with technical specialists from CPMU as well as the TA side – the preparation of “TOR” for key services/equipment.

3. Supporting CPMU in the communication with and reporting to ADB.

4. Supporting CPMU procurement staff in interacting with and reporting to MARD and Management Board of Forestry Projects.

5. Support CPMU staff in the training of PPMU procurement staff.

6. Support the PPMUs with making the necessary bidding documentation for the relevant packages.

7. Support PPMUs in identifying suitable service providers.

8. Assist PPMUs in actual procurement – the full procurement cycle – with focus on services and small-scale construction, by using the relevant procurement method (NCB, shopping, direct contracting, force account).

9. Supporting PPMU in the communication with and reporting to CPMU.

10. Supporting PPMU procurement staff in interacting with and reporting to DARD and PPC.

11. Perform any other duties as required by CTAs.

CV to be sent to Phuong – daophuong06@yahoo.combefore Oct 10, 2011.