Oxfam GB tuyển tư vấn

Oxfam GB hiện đang cần tuyển 1 tư vấn quốc gia cho dự án về Phòng chống và giảm nhẹ hậu quả thiên tai tại 2 tỉnh Đồng Tháp và Tiền Giang. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến ngày 30 tháng 9 năm 2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

Oxfam GB is implementing a “Consolidating lessons for disaster preparation and mitigation in Dong Thap and Tien Giang: a participatory model for Viet Nam’s national CBDRM program” (hereinafter called VANGOCA Advocacy project) in Dong Thap, Tien Giang, Ninh Thuan provinces and Ha Noi capital from 2009 – 2012 to:

The evaluator will have to prepare a technical proposal in English including detailed design and work plan to carry out the evaluation to be reviewed and agreed by Oxfam Humanitarian Team no later than 17:00 on 30th September 2011.

The specific tasks of the Team Leader (the national consultant(s)) of the final evaluation team are to:

  • Review relevant background documents including the Terms of Reference for the evaluation mission, the project proposal,  progress reports, and financial updates along with any other documentation deemed important for the needs of the review;
  • Together with other team members, develop an evaluation design, including methods and tools
  • Coordinate the pilot testing and review of tools as necessary
  • Provide training, advice and support to team members as required.
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Coordinate the implementation
  • Lead the analysis of field data
  • Prepare for and lead feedback sessions with key stakeholder groups
  • Undertake any other activities deemed necessary to address the objectives of the evaluation mission.
  • Draft, finalize and submit report (both in English and Vietnamese by team leader, 1 hard copy and 1 soft copy) and provide a presentation on the key issues to the evaluation team, a presentation of the final report to Oxfam and its partners.

Team leader (the national consultant(s)) should have the following qualifications:

a)     At least university degree in relevant field;

b)     Strong knowledge and proven experience in disaster management;

c)     Demonstrate 5-8 years experience in management, monitoring and evaluation including the use of quantitative and qualitative methods and participatory tools (development projects/programmes);

d)     Gender awareness

e)     In-depth knowledge of international best practices and methodologies in learning processes such as systematization and capitalization of development projects and programmes;

f)       Ability to lead a multidisciplinary team

g)     High level written and verbal English and Vietnamese communication skills

Evaluation Team

a)     Good gender balance

b)     Experience in use of quantitative and qualitative methods and participatory tools.

c)     High level written and verbal Vietnamese communication skills

d)     Experience in humanitarian response work is an advantage

e)     English language skills is an advantage

Interested candidates are invited to send their Evaluation Proposals (including CVs, Evaluation Proposal (max. 3 pages) and expected consultancy fee (gross) by e-mail to the following focal person:

Ms. Le Thi My Dung, Humanitarian Programme Officer; Oxfam Great Britain

E-mail: ltmdung@oxfam.org.uk

Deadline to receive CVs and Evaluation Proposal: at 17h on 30 September 2011.

Candidates will only be contacted when invited for an interview.