Khóa đào tạo Quốc tế về Đa dạng sinh học và Hệ sinh thái Rừng ngập mặn

Từ ngày 05 – 19/10/2011 tại Đại học Annamalai (Ấn Độ) sẽ diễn ra khóa đào tạo ngắn hạn với chủ đề về Đa dạng sinh học và Hệ sinh thái Rừng ngập mặn. Khóa đào tạo có học bổng toàn phần cho một số ứng viên đến từ các nước đang phát triển.

Hạn đăng ký cuối cùng: 05/8/2011.

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

11th International Training Course on Mangrove Biodiversity and Ecosystems 

Centre of Advanced Studies in Marine Biology Annamalai University, India (5-19th October 2011) 

(DEADLINE 5th August)

BACKGROUND: Coastal ecosystems (e.g., coral reefs, mangroves, and wetlands) are some of the world’s richest storehouses of biological diversity and primary productivity. It is estimated that about half the world’s coastal ecosystems face a significant risk of degradation from human activities, those in South and Southeast Asian perhaps among the most threatened.

This course focuses on mangrove ecosystems with particular emphasis on the methodology for assessing, monitoring and conserving biodiversity. It is taught by a multidisciplinary team of lecturers and through hands-on involvement of the participants.


OBJECTIVES: Primarily to build the capacity of professionals and institutions in developing countries to undertake monitoring, research and conservation of critical ecosystems within mangrove forests. This is achieved through training of young professionals in the scientific methodology and description of latest research work on related subjects. A secondary objective is to promote and encourage development of a network of professionals from developing countries working in this field.

The course has also been developed as an open course ware as part of an open learning initiative with UNU, Tokyo and is available at:

Further information can be found in a background Paper Training and Capacity Building for Managing Our Mangroves Resources – UNU’s Role to Meet Regional Challenges (pdf 23.1KB).


Please complete the Application Form and email OR send scanned copies to:

Dr. K. Kathiresan

Professor, CAS in Marine Biology

Annamalai University, Parangipettai

608 502, Tamil Nadu, India

Telephone: 91-4144-43223(Off), 238419 (Res.)

Mobile: 91 – 9442068003


FELLOWSHIPS: A limited number of fellowships are available to qualified candidates from developing countries only. These fellowships will be granted on a competitive basis and will cover the entire expenses of the workshop, including economy excursion airfares via the most direct route for candidates from outside India. Candidates from India will be reimbursed for train tickets via the most direct route. In order to apply, please complete the section on ‘Justification for UNU Fellowship’ on page 4 of the application form.