Chương trình Lãnh đạo Hòa bình-Sinh thái lần thứ 5

Trung tâm Lãnh đạo Hòa bình-Sinh Thái UNEP thông báo tuyển 15 ứng viên tại khu vực châu Á-Thái Bình Dương cho chương trình Lãnh đạo Hòa bình-Sinh thái lần thứ 5 ( 5th Eco-Peace Leadership Progamme). Hạn nộp mẫu đăng kí: 30/6/2011.

Greetings from UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center

We are pleased to announce the 5th Eco-Peace Leadership Program which is a year long program to get solution for the pending environmental problems in your region by supporting your hands-on activities or research mostly through the on line learning process.

We have deep interest in capacity building and technology transfer of GO and CSO in Asian Pacific countries and the intention to enhance international cooperation in the field of the environment. We support CSOs/GOs to find the solution for Environmental problems that they face in their own countries through the programme in collaboration with UNEP

This year we will recruit 15 representatives from Asia-Pacific region for the fifth program, of which period will be from November 2011 to October 2012. We will support $2,000 for completion of our program, in addition to costs for two a week-long visits to Korea which will be on November 2011 and 2012

Please note the deadline is June 30, 2011(not by postmarked date) and click the application material above for application and further information.

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