VUSTA-UNDP tuyển Trợ lý dự án

Dự án VUSTA-UNDP đang cần tuyển trợ lý làm việc tại Hà Nội. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 09/08/2010.

VUSTA-UNDP Project is currently recruiting candidate for the post of Project Assistant, as below TOR.
Candidates with interest are requested to submit their CV and a cover letter to the following address no later than 11AM Hanoi time, 09 Aug. 2010.

Suite 3B-21, 53 Nguyen Du, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi
Attention: Ms. Cap Thi Phuong Anh
Subject title: “Application for Project Assistant”
Or Email: and

TOR for Project Assistant
Duration of Services: Sep. 2010 to Mar. 2011 (with possible extension)
Location: Ha Noi

The non-state sector in Viet Nam has experienced rapid growth in recent years. This development has been prompted by the establishment of a broad legal framework that reflect the importance of grassroots democracy, people’s participation and contribution from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for socio-economic development and equitable growth. The participation of various types of organisations in the delivery of public and social services is also encouraged in the in the five-year socio-economic development plan (SEDP) of the Government of Viet Nam.

To meet the need of coordinating and bringing together people with similar professional interests in science, culture and solidarity, three professional unions were established during the 1980s, even before the reform process in the country started in 1986: VUSTA for science and technology, VWAA (today VULA) for culture, arts and literature and VUPSFO (today VUFO) for friendship and peace. Among them, VUSTA’s (Viet Nam Union of Science and Technology Associations) overall responsibility is to contribute to the industrialisation and modernisation of the country, and has been traditionally realised by representing and coordinating Vietnamese scholars in the area of science and technology, as well as through knowledge dissemination.
VUSTA has a dual membership base; one based on associations of different scientific disciplines/professions – Central Discipline Associations, and the other made up of local branches of Discipline Associations – Local Unions. At the same time, some Units 81 are Affiliated Organisations of VUSTA, and they look upon the Union as a facilitator in establishing partnerships with domestic and international partners. The Union undertakes a range of activities, such as issuing publications, prizes and awards, running networks and training events, providing consultancy services, etc. In the last few years, VUSTA has also
been the organiser or host of several international conferences.

Since its establishment, the role of the Union though has grown beyond the fields of science and technology. VUSTA is currently experiencing a rapid change in its membership base and scope of work, including the new mandate to provide inputs to and monitor Government policies, programmes and projects.

To help VUSTA take on this new mandate, a project between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and VUSTA has been signed in January 2008 to assist VUSTA in building more effective partnerships, improving information sharing and
networking in an effort to better meet the needs of VUSTA’s membership.

More specifically the project aims to:
• Strengthen VUSTA’s ability to represent its member organisations’ interests in contributing to the Government’s policy-making processes, so that VUSTA can better represent, promote and protect its member organisations’ rights and interests by monitoring and providing inputs to government policies, programmes and projects.
• Strengthen VUSTA’s internal governance structures and capacity to work as an effective coordinating organisation, so that VUSTA’s management structure is improved and made more efficient and transparent.
• Strengthening VUSTA’s capacity to become an effective bridge for its member organisations, so that the Union is able to create long-term and sustainable linkages between its members, with the Government as well as with international organisations.

For the project the position of Project Assistant is to be filled
The Position: The Project Assistant will work under the direct supervision of the Project Manager and will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of project activities, including also facilitating the implementation of project activities and the exchange of information among project parties and stakeholders, between Vietnamese and international experts in accordance with VUSTA and UNDP’s procedures. The Project Assistant will undertake translation and interpreting duties as needed.

Specific Project Assistant tasks and responsibilities include:
1. Provide administrative support to the Project Manager in relation to project planning, implementation monitoring and reporting. 2. Assist the Project Manager with both logistical support and technical support in coordinating project parties and stakeholders to participate in project activities and events. In certain cases, when designated by Project Manager, Project Assistant will
actively cooperate with other departments in implementing the tasks successfully.
3. Assist the Project Manager in preparing agreements with designated cooperating agencies and sub-contractors, and in monitoring implementation of these agreements.
4. Assist the Project Manager, together with the accountant, prepare priliminary estimated budgets for project activities and back up documents in accordance with VUSTA and UNDP’s procedures
5. Provide translation/interpretation services to senior project personnel international consultants as needed. This may include:
– interpretations in meetings to coordinate project activities with foreign participation
– translation of procedures, correspondence and other administrative materials as well as reports as directed by the Project Manager
6. Assist the Project Manager, together with the accountant, in taking care of project procurement and sub-contracting procedures to ensure the procurement is made in an efficient, open, transparent and competitive manner in accordance with UNDP policies
7. Assist the Project Manager, together with the accountant, in managing the Project’s physical resources (furniture, office supplies, equipment, etc).
8. Assist the Project Manager and the accountant in meeting requirements for internal and external project audits.
9. Assist in preparing the quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports as directed by the Project Manager.
10. Report to, and regularly update, the Project Manager on progress, problems and constraints of project implementation.
11. The Project Assistant will perform other duties as may be required by the Project Manager.

– University degree or higher;
– At least 3 years of relevant work experience with 2 years of practical experience in project support or project assistance in an English speaking environment;
– Familiarity with UNDP procedures and management practices is an asset;
– Familiarity with VUSTA works is an asset;
– Excellent English language skills and demonstrated translation and interpreter skills.
– Excellent organisational and office management skills;
– Ability to take initiatives and achieve results;
– Computer literacy, in particular, knowledge of Microsoft Office.