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CARE International in Vietnam đang tuyển nhân viên tư vấn. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 20/5/2010.

ARE International in Vietnam

Civil Action for Socio-economic Inclusion in Natural Resource Management Program (CASI III)



For Documentation of lessons on VNGOs network strengthening

The Civil Action for Socio-economic Inclusion in Natural Resource Management (CASI 2004 to 2009) Program aims for
sustainable improvements in livelihood security of disadvantaged and natural resource-dependent people in rural areas who lack access to resources and influence over decisions that affect their lives.  The CASI Program’s component Effective Networking and Better Learning Environment for VNGOs (ENABLE) one of the five under this program was designed in response to the needs of Vietnamese non-government organizations (VNGOs) to support their improved capacity, opportunities for participation in decision making in Vietnam and deeper contribution to poverty reduction programs. In partnership with VUSTA, ENABLE facilitated the creation of an enabling environment with good access to information, relevant capacity building opportunities and VNGO dialogue with government agencies. ENABLE expanded its facilitation to strengthening a wide number of networks and groups of VNGOs for first two years of operation, narrowing the scope in the last year of project cycle to focus on quality results. The ENABLE team modified their approach over the years based on responses from VNGOs towards gaining effective results. 


1. Objective and scope of documentation  

The CASI team would like to document ENABLE’s practical experiences in VNGO network strengthening in order to inspire like-minded stakeholders to use good and appropriate methodologies when working with Vietnamese civil society networks.  


2. Scope of documentation

A consultant is sought to work with the program team to document practices and learnt lessons of ENABLE team in strengthening VNGO networks, also reflecting the added value brought about by ENABLE. As a result, this document is not only used as reference for the next phase of CASI program but also reference source for other stakeholders of interest.  


The documents will capture process and approaches, what worked well, challenges, analysis of the outcomes and lesson and practical suggestions for others who may wish to replicate for each specific theme. Basic information and draft documentation is already developed. The consultant will study these, interview the relevant CARE and partner staff and develop a finished product whichreflects the ideas provided in writing and verbally by program staff, local partners and in some cases the beneficiary.  The documentation process should be participative, involving the program staff and key partners as needed to allow for their contribution.


3. Main tasks of consultant

In order to write up networking-supporting documentation for ENABLE, the consultant is requested to  

  • Review documentation draft produced by ENABLE team, and other relevant documents  of ENABLE project on this aspect;
  • Collect further information through meetings with relevant CASI program staff and partners to discuss purpose, audience, content, analysis and structure
  • Carry out interview and collect photographs which are needed to get required information and illustration;
  • Analyse and synthesize information, inputs and ideas provided by program staff and partners;
  • Produce a draft document and share with CASI team and partners for verification and comments;
  • Edit and finalize the product based on comments and inputs from CASI team and partners  

4. Outputs required

The consultant will produce a reader friendly document with appropriate graphics/photos/pictures and logical presentation of ideas for use by NGOs, government and others interested in Vietnam as well as CARE International generally.  The document will consist of:


  • Insight reflection on what, why and how ENABLE did to strengthen VNGO networks covering approaches, process, and modalities of engagement
  • Presentation of changes resulting from ENABLE’s support, both successes and challenges faced as reported by the ENABLE team and targeted networks – using case studies or other means to highlight inputs and ideas given by CASI program staff; local partners and beneficiaries
  • Analysis of lessons learnt, reflecting added value of ENABLE practice
  • Present a set of practical steps and tips for successful NGO network strengthening in Vietnam  

Request for Consultants

A consultant is sought who has a good overview of the topic in Vietnam; ability to understand, analyse and document best practices of development works; knowledge and understanding of civil society in Vietnam in general and networking of CSO in Vietnam particular; good interpersonal communication skill and excellent analytical and English writing skills.  


Short-listed consultants will be invited to meet the CARE program team to discuss TOR in detail, documentation process, format and other requirements from CARE in Vietnam and timeline. 

The assignment is expected to require no more than 10 days, to be completed by end of May 2010.


Interested consultants should send an up to date CV with an email cover letter stating:

–          Available dates

–          Fee rates proposed

–          A short sample of a previous publication or other evidence of relevant experience


The expression of interest should be received no later than 5 pm on 20th May 10 sent to Phan Thi Mui, PDCF Officer ( and Tran Chung Chau ( Please note that all documents must be submitted in English and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.