Cơ hội nhận giải thưởng The Prosper.Net-Scopus

The Prosper.Net-Scopus Young Scientist Award là giải thưởng thường niên được trao cho những nhà khoa học trẻ có đóng góp trong lĩnh vực phát triển bền vững khu vực châu Á – Thái Bình Dương. Năm 2010, giải thưởng này sẽ được trao cho những đại diện xuất sắc trong bốn lĩnh vực: năng lượng; nước; nông nghiệp và an ninh lương thực; Kinh tế, kinh doanh và quản lý. Các ứng viên được đề cử hoặc tự đề cử có thể gửi đề kết quả nghiên cứu/phát minh/ấn phẩm sáng chế tới Ban tổ chức trước ngày 3/5/2010. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

The Prosper.Net-Scopus Young Scientist Award in Sustainable Development is given annually to young scientists or researchers, based in the Asia-Pacifi c region, who have made signifi cant contributions in the area of Sustainable Development. For 2010, awards will be given in each of four areas: Energy, Water, Agriculture & Food Security, and Economics, Business, & Management.

Eligibility and Application Process
The award is open to those engaged in graduate education and research activities that emphasize sustainable development in any of the above four areas. Candidates are expected to be employed at institutions of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding USA and Canada), and should be less than 40 years old as of 1 July 2010. Candidates may be put forth by nomination or direct application. Nominations and applications must be supported by two letters of recommendation.

Evaluation Process
All qualifi ed applications will be evaluated by an international panel of three recognized experts in Sustainable Development in each of the four areas.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Number of citations and h-index
  • Number and quality of publications and patents
  • Documented social impact

Winners will receive a cash award and will be offered a fellowship from the International Bureau of the German Ministry of Education. These prestigious fellowships provide travel, supplies and living expenses to spend between six and twelve months collaborating with any research group of the recipient’s choosing in Germany. Names and affi liations of winners will be widely publicized through a global press release.

Nominations and applications are open starting 23 December 2009 and will close at midnight GMT on 3 May 2010. Late submissions and incomplete applications will not be accepted. As part of the judging process, the top three fi nalists in each category will be sponsored to present their work in a public symposium to be held the fi rst week of July 2010 at Tongji University in Shanghai. Winners will be announced at the symposium.

Download a flyer on the ProSPER.Net – Scopus Young Scientist Award (pdf file, 127 KB).

Online application forms

Contact detail: ProSPER.Net-Scopus Awards Secretariat ysa@ias.unu.edu

Moreinfo: www.ias.unu.edu/efsd/prospernet/ysa, http://cambodiajobs.blogspot.com/2009/01/prospernet-scopus-young-scientist-award.html