WSP tuyển điều phối viên

Chương trình cấp nước vệ sinh (The Water and Sanitation Program – WSP), Ngân hàng Thế giới (The World Bank) phối hợp với Bộ Y tế và Hội Liên hiệp phụ nữ Việt Nam thực hiện một dự án nhằm thay đổi hành vi vệ sinh của người dân. Hiện Dự án đang cần tuyển điều phối viên. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 20/11/2009.

Job title:
Impact Evaluation Field Coordinator

Closing date: 20 November 2009


I. Background

The Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), with support from the Gates Foundation, and in close partnership with the Ministry of Health and Vietnam Women Union, is implementing a hygiene project called “Scaling Up Handwashing Behavior Change” in Vietnam.  This is an effort to improve the health and welfare outcomes of the poor through a set of large scale hygiene interventions. 


The Handwashing Behavior Change project will expand and improve existing hygiene behavior change efforts with innovative and new approaches including commercial marketing of Handwashing with soap (HWWS), broad and inclusive partnerships of government, private commercial marketing channels, and concerned consumer groups and NGOs.  These innovative methods will be combined with tried and proven community-level interpersonal communications and outreach activities.


For the Gates Foundation and WSP this project is intended as a learning opportunity.  A central focus is to learn how to scale up a set of successfully piloted interventions, to learn what they cost, and to learn what health and welfare impacts we can expect from them. We expect that answers to the impact questions can be found in an appropriately implemented randomized-controlled trial of the scaled-up interventions. The broad learning objective includes both an assessment of the Vietnam project impacts, as well as a comparison of these impacts across the other countries with similar interventions, and to be able to provide externally valid advice on the feasibility and effectiveness of these approaches to other countries.


To support this activity, WSP seeks a Field Coordinator to monitor and supervise the impact evaluation survey implementation.  The Field Coordinator will be responsible for supervision of the local survey firm to ensure quality control, monitoring of the HWWS field implementation activities, and troubleshooting issues during survey and field activity implementation.


II. Scope of Work

The consultant will provide broad logistical and technical support to the C-PI in Vietnam.  Specifically, the consultant will: 


1) Assist with adaptation and translation of draft survey instruments for use in the Vietnamese context.


2) Work close with the local firm and authorized departments for Ethical research clearance  research, including update research protocol for Ethical approval with the additional data collection activities planned for post-intervention 


3) Participate in and manage piloting of the survey instrument in order to:

a) Develop understanding of time required to administer all modules in the field

b) Provide clear recommendations to the C-PI and Global Team for revisions, deletions, additions to the instrument.


4) Assist with the development, adaptation and translation of training materials and participate in enumerator training carried out by the survey firm


5) Draft field operations manual


6) Perform day-to-day support functions in conjunction with the C-PI such as:

a)  Managing communications with personnel working on the evaluation components of the study and the Global Impact Evaluation Team

b)  Written documentation of meetings with key counterparts in government, operations and field staff

c)  Produce progress reports on Evaluation for Country Team and Global Impact Evaluation Team


7) Coordinate all aspects of the field work with survey firm such as:

a)  Periodic field visits to monitor data collection in the field

b)  Perform spot checks to assess data validity

c)  Advise on improvements to data collection protocol


8) Work with implementation team to ensure compatibility between routine program monitoring data and impact evaluation data.

9) Work with C-PI and implementation team in data dissemination activities as needed


III. Timeline

This consultancy will run from December 2009 through December 2010. Preparations for fieldwork will begin in February 2010, with post-intervention data collection expected to take place June through December 2010.


IV.  Selection Criteria:

– Masters degree in the Social Sciences, or a related field; OR a Bachelors degree and relevant work experience of 3-5 years in survey research and management;

– Solid background (3-5 years) in quantitative data collection methods;

– Demonstrated experience supervising data collection in the field;

– Background and experience in planning and organizing logistics for household surveys;

– Previous experience with project impact evaluation / program evaluation in Vietnam highly desirable

– Fluency in written and spoken Vietnamese and English;

– Exceptional organizational skills, ability to facilitate communication between various levels of management and work independently in order to meet deadlines;

– Willingness to travel and live in rural areas of Vietnam for extended periods of time;

– Strong interpersonal skills and a commitment to working in a team-oriented, multi-cultural environment;

– Strong commitment to quality;

– Experience in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector desirable.


To Apply:

Qualified candidates meeting the selection criteria outlined above are asked to submit a curriculum vitae and cover letter stating their interest by email to