IUCN tuyển đại diện vùng

Hiệp hội Bảo tồn Thiên nhiên Quốc tế (IUCN) là một tổ chức quốc tế bảo vệ thiên nhiên, thông qua việc tìm kiếm các giải pháp giải quyết các thách thức về môi trường sinh thái. Việt Nam trở thành quốc gia thành viên của IUCN vào năm 1993. Hiện IUCN đang cần tuyển một đại diện vùng cho IUCN Việt Nam. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 04/06/2009. Xin xem thông tin chi tiết dưới đây.

Our mission: “To influence, encourage & assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity & diversity of nature & to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable & ecologically sustainable.”

As one of the countries of the IUCN Country Group I in Asia, IUCN Vietnam assists the national, provincial and district governments, civil society organisations, private sector and other stakeholders in promoting conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and overall sustainable development in the country.

Our programme is expanding into new areas and we are looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic Country Representative having a proactive approach. This is a Senior Management position reporting to the Country Group Head (Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia) on programmatic, management and administrative matters and Regional Director for IUCN Asia on representational matters. The Country Representative for IUCN Vietnam will have the overall responsibility for the national programme and will represent IUCN in Vietnam, working with our members and partners as well as with the international community. The position holder will be part of the management team of the Country Group (Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia) with a responsibility to help build a strong organizational unit that adds value to the management of the Asia Region and will help in establishing IUCN’s presence in contiguous countries as and when deemed appropriate.

The main responsibilities

  • Ensure that the IUCN programme in country is in alignment with IUCN’s global and regional priorities as well as with the national priorities defined by its members and partners in the country.
  • Provide leadership in programme development & take responsibility for ensuring that funding for the programme is secured. This will include supervision of country specific project development activities and contribution to the development of integrated inter-country, regional and transboundary projects where and when appropriate.
  • Ensure effective and efficient delivery of the Country Programme, its component projects and regional programme/project interlinkages with due consideration to quality and the satisfaction of IUCN’s constituency.
  • Effectively and prudently deploy the administrative, financial and technical resources available to the IUCN Secretariat Programme in the country, and ensure that these are used in conformity with relevant IUCN norms and standards.
  • Lead in change management to capture external and internal opportunities and meet the on-going challenges.

Qualifications and skills required:
The successful candidate will have 5 – 10 years of professional experience as a senior manager, preferably in the field of environment and sustainable development, in Asia. However the potential for growth with enthusiasm to learn and the perseverance to bring changes will be considered important assets. We are looking for a person who has the competency required to manage an adaptive organization; covets managing complex operations and has an ability to inspire diverse teams. In addition to this s/he will need to pay special attention to strategic programme planning and project development. Knowledge of key conservation & development issues, government and donor networks, ability to work under pressure and to deal tactfully with sensitive political issues and an ability to communicate, negotiate & write fluently in English and Vietnamese are essential.
Duty station and duration:
The position will be based in the IUCN Vietnam Country Office in Hanoi and will initially be for a 2-year period, with long term possibilities.
Interested candidates should send their applications and CV along with the names of two referees by 4 June 2009 to:
Regional Human Resources Unit,
IUCN, International Union of Conservation of Nature,
Asia Regional Office, # 63 Sukhumvit Soi 39, 10110-Bangkok, Thailand.
Tel: +662 662 4061; Fax: +662 662 4389;