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UNICEF Việt Nam hiện đang tuyển tư vấn độc lập hướng dẫn rà xoát Luật phòng chống đuối nước và ngộ độc. Hạn chót nhận hồ sơ: 04/05/2009.
UNICEF Vietnam is looking for an independent consultant to conduct Legal Review
for Drowning and Poisoning Prevention


This assignment aims to thoroughly review all legislations related to water
safety and poisoning prevention in order to identify key points, gaps in these
legislations (including quality and implementation) and make concrete and
specific recommendations for further improvements.

Scope and focus

The review will use relevant documents resulted from UNICEF support from
2006-2008. In addition, the selected reviewer may need to search for any other
legal documents (issued in the period from 2002 -2009) that were missed in the
previous compilation. At the same time, the reviewer may need to use
international standards legal documents to make appropriate recommendations for
better improvements of the existing legislations and/or for development of new

The review report will focus on the following main areas:

1) What are the legal documents and provisions/ principles related to Drowning
and Poisoning Prevention in Vietnam-
2) What are the legal mechanism to implement legal documents related to Drowning
and Poisoning Prevention in Vietnam-
3) Are there enough legal guarantees/ legal mechanism in Vietnam for the
implementation of the legislation on Drowning and Poisoning Prevention- Any gaps-
4) What are the key international treaties, standards and norms related to
Drowning and Poisoning Prevention-
5) Are Vietnam-s ones in line with the international standards and norms- What
are the key gaps in Vietnam legislation compared to international-s ones-
6) What will be the main recommendations to the government to improve
(amend/develop) the domestic legislation on Drowning and Poisoning Prevention
and to ensure it-s implementation-

It is expected that the findings/ results and the recommendations of the Review
will be presented in a meeting/ workshop or seminar for further discussion in
order to support policy advocacy and development in the area of childhood injury
prevention with specific focus of drowning and poisoning prevention. And this
workshop has been planned as the Activity 1.2 in the 2009 AWP with MOLISA. Thus
the scope of this review is limited at findings and recommendations only.

Expected outputs and activities

No. Work item Expected outputs Timeline
1. 4 Design the tools for the review and make a detailed working schedule as
well as design the report-s structure Tools for the review, detailed working
schedule and report-s structure available and approved by UNICEF 3 days
2. Conduct the actual review All the domestic and international legislations
and legal documents related to water safety and poisoning prevention
collected and reviewed 10 days
3. Interview with key counterparts to make recommendations for the report such
as Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), MOH and Ministry of
Justice (MOJ) Inputs from key counterparts available for report writing 5 days
4. 5 Draft the review report in Vietnamese (10 days)
Draft report with approximate length of 40 pages is available for comments 10 days
5. 6 Get comments and feed back to finalize the report (including editing work)
Final report which incorporates inputs and comments from UNICEF and key
stakeholders 5 days
6. Produce a brief summary of the review for presentation in a later
dissemination workshop A summary 5 pages and a PowerPoint presentation of the
review with focus on recommendations available 2 days
Total of working days 35 days

The methodology for the review

The key methodology will be the desk review which will be supplemented with
qualitative interviews of key counterparts. The selected consultant is expected
to collect all relevant legislations, study them, interview key informants to
validate the desk review and make appropriate recommendations, and develop a
comprehensive and concise report which will highlight key points of existing
legislations related to water safety and poisoning prevention, gaps in these
legislations and specific recommendations for improvement of existing
legislations and/or development of new legal documents and legislations in order
to create a stronger normative environment for prevention of child drowning and

Time frame and work plan

This assignment is expected to start in middle of May 2009 and complete by the
end of Jul 2009.


The study will mainly take place in Hanoi

Candidate qualifications
– Advanced qualifications in laws and social research.
– Recognized experience in social research (desk reviews and qualitative research)
– Good understanding of legal development process in Vietnam and development
issues, including childhood injury prevention in particular.
– Good knowledge of the legal, political, economic, social and cultural context
of Vietnam
– Extensive and excellent experience in synthesis, analysis and writing.
– Previous experiences in research studies on injury and/or child injury
prevention and/or program documentation are desirable.

Interested candidates are requested to submit an expression of interest to
UNICEF Viet Nam by 04 May 2009. Please include the following information: letter
of interest; CV; and proposed fee.

Chief of Operations
UNICEF Vietnam
81 A Tran Quoc Toan, Hanoi – Vietnam
Closing date for receipt of proposals 04 May 2009
Please indicate the title of the review on the top left corner of the envelope.