Chemonics International Inc. cần tuyển kế toán cho dự án ở Việt Nam

Chemonics International Inc. – một công ty phát triển toàn cầu, chuyên thực hiện các khoản viện trợ cho chính phủ Mỹ, có trụ sở tại Washington, đang cần tuyển một nhân viên kế toán cho dự án USAID ở Việt Nam. Đây là dự án nhằm ngăn chặn lây nhiễm HIV trong cộng đồng và giúp đỡ những người nhiễm HIV/AIDS có được cơ hội việc làm. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ là 14/01/2009. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

The Accountant will be responsible for all financial matters relating to project that is managing the projects accounting transactions and books, monitoring project budget expenditures, and assuring proper financial reporting.

I. Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Financial Management:

Supervise and manage all financial and accounting operations including but not limited to, maintaining or verifying petty cash transactions, reconciling petty cash balances at least once a week, maintaining bank balances up-to-date and reconciling accounts on a monthly basis, and requesting funds, as necessary, through wire transfer from home  office.

Work with the Chief of Party to develop a management system for monitoring the budget for project activities, level of effort. Assist the technical departments with the financial monitoring of activities in the field according to established procedures and calendars, as needed.  Contribute to the preparation of contractually required financial reports, as well as any other financial reports required by Chemonics International. Upon financial audit, provide the support necessary to the auditors conducting the audit and assure the implementation of any audit-based recommendations.


Enter accounting transactions into Abacus Software on a daily basis, assist home office field accounting and project management staff in reconciling intercompany accounts, respond without delays to home office accounting questions or concerns. Prepare backup documentation for each transaction before submitting to COP for approval and issuing payment.

Procurement and Inventory Management:

Supervise all project procurements and the inventory/maintenance of all equipment, materials and supplies necessary to the execution of project activities. Verify vendor invoices and deliveries, and make sure that all supporting documents are received and correct. Work with the Office Manager to maintain equipment inventory, verifying all inventory items twice a year to make sure that the value of all items booked in Abacus under inventory accounts matches with the total value indicated in the inventory report. Ensure all inventory are labeled in accordance with USAID guidelines.

Manage all vendor accounts:

Review all vendor invoices for accuracy, monitor vendor balances, issue and send checks signed by the COP to appropriate beneficiaries.

Conduct payroll and make disbursements. Monitor and track all personnel benefits including vacation and sick day balances and bonuses.  Process and submit required documentation and personnel taxes (as required by local law) to Ministry of Finance.

Process travel advances to local staff and follow-up on outstanding balances. Verify and process expense reports generated by the staff.

II. Qualifications:

CPA License, BA in Accounting or related field; Masters preferred. Minimum of five years experience in accounting, financial and procurement management.

Excellent speaking and writing skills in English required.

Advanced computer skills, particularly in ABACUS or Quickbooks software, MS Office software, word processing and spreadsheets required.

Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to be a strong team player.

Present a professional demeanor and exercise professional judgment.

Ability to prioritize work assignments; capable of making decisions which will foster timely work completion.

Excellent and demonstrated organizational skills, attention to detail.

Ability to perform well with minimal supervision.

III. Reporting:

The accountant will report directly to the Chief of Party.

Application Instructions:

Send CVs to by January 14th, 2009.
Please visit for more information about our company.

Finalists will be contacted.

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