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MARD cần tuyển trợ lý hành chính dự án quốc gia làm việc tại Hà Nội. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 15/01/2008. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:


Project: MARD ? Macro Management (2007-2012)

Location: Ha Noi

Project background

The Project ?MARD ? Macro Management ? Supporting the PAR in MARD? co-funded by UNDP and the Royal Netherlands Embassy has been formulated in the context of increasing changes at MARD in all aspects of its operation: organisation, institution, human resource management and development, modernisation of the state administration system and enhanced 2-way communication system, stepping forwards to developing MARD into a modern macro-level management ministry, responsible for policy formulating; organising and managing public service delivery to the farmers based on clear and well monitored quality standards, ensuring stable agricultural and rural development in Vietnam in the process of integration into the global economy. The Project has inherited salient achievements of the two phases of the PAR in MARD Project (2000-2006), which were successfully implemented, and in the mean time, applies new strategic approaches which meet both the priorities of the MARD PAR Action Plan to 2010 and the development requirements of the agricultural sector after Viet Nam becomes a full member of the WTO.

On 30th July 2007 the Prime Minister of the SRV has officially approved the Detailed Project Outline of the new Project ?MARD-Macro Management? to support the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in implementing the MARD PAR Programme to 2010, adding the captioned Project to the List of ODA Projects funded by UNDP for the period 2006-2010. The Project is anticipated to be implemented for 4 years and a half, budgeted for 5 millions US Dollars from the donor and Government counterpart funds.

?MARD ? Macro Management? Project is designed with 4 key strategic objectives as follows:

Component A – Objective: An overall strategic management mechanism for MARD, reflecting implications of increased globalisation, developed within the long-term vision, piloted and submitted to the Minister.

Component B ? Objective: Sectoral organisation is unified, streamlined, rational and fully accountable and transparent with clearly defined state management functions, allocated to most appropriate vertical level

Component C – Objective: New effective models and management mechanisms for enhanced public service delivery to farmers and other actors in the ARD sector developed and piloted, ensuring public service delivery from a wider range of service providers (CSOs, private sector etc).

Component D – Objective: Informed decision-making and participation enabled for sector actors at all levels in support of the e-government strategy.

The Project Document was officially endorsed and signed by the MARD, UNDP and The Royal Netherlands Embassy on 21 August 2007. An inception period of the captioned project has started since 1 September 2007.

The Project Management Unit is now looking for qualified and experienced Vietnamese candidate for the position of Project Administrative Assistant (PAA).

Key duties and responsibilities

Under the supervision of the National Project Manager, the PAA will carry out the following tasks:

– Organise and oversee the implementation of administrative and recruitment works of the Project Management Unit (PMU);

– Be the Focal Point to receive and send all the incoming and outgoing information to/from the PMU respectively;

– Provide guidance and update the PMU staff at central and local levels on administrative processes and procedures as regulated by the Donor and the Goverment of Vietnam;

– Assist the NPM in developing annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly work plans; Be the Focal Point to coordinate planned adtivities and monitor the implementation progress;

– Draft ad-hoc progress reports and thematic reports if required;

– Implement procedures regarding recruitment, selection, induction, performance evaluation and remmuneration of PMU staff and short-term consultants;

– Maitain the working relationship with relevant Goverment agencies and Donors;

– Establish and maintain the internal information system of the PMU;

– Organise meetings, workshops, seminars and general project events;

– Develop and maintain filing system of the PMU;

– Coordinate and oversee the day-to-day implementation of the PMU in the NPM’s absence;

– Coordinate with the National Coordinator on IEC in activities propagandising project implementation progress and achievements;

– Do interpretation and translation work if required;

– Carry out other tasks assigned by the NPM.

Key Perfomance Indicators

1. Project administrative work done according to project regulations and ensures the project implementation progress;

2. Project personnel recruited on schedule and in accordance with applicable rules and procedures of UNDP and the Government of Viet Nam; Regulations on project personnel management are complied;

3. Project work plans developed, submitted on schedule;

4. Project internal information system and filing system work effectively and updated on regular basis;

5. The working relationship between the PMU and project stakeholders inside and outside MARD and the Donors strengthened;

6. Normal operation of the PMU maintained in the NPM’s absence;

7. Project events, meetings, workshops well organised;

8. Necessary information and documents regarding project operation and personnel management are made available upon request by the auditing or authorised agency;

9. At least 3 initiatives proposed of those one is applied by the PMU.

Working relationship

In coordination with other project consultants and staff, the PAA works under the direct supervision of and reports directly to the NPM. The PAA directly supervises and monitors the work of Project Secretary, Receptionist/Administrative Support Staff and Project Drivers.

Qualification and experience 

– Bachelor degree (Good and above), majored in either administration, foreign languages or Economics; 

– At least 5 years working experience, perferably in large goverment or non-government organisations; 

– Demonstrated knowledge and competence in administrative and clerical work; 

– English speaking and writing fluency; Good translation skills; 

– Good planning and report/minutes/memo writing skills; 

– Able to carry out his/her work in an organised manner; 

– Able to work independently and in a team; 

– Able to work in a multi-cultural, multi-national environment; 

– Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills; 

– Familiar with MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, MS Outlook,.. 

– Knowledge on organisation structure and magament functions of the ARD sector; 

– Previous working experience at national execution or international funded projects is an asset; 

– Women have an advantage.

Those interested in the above position are welcome to send a letter of motivation (both in English and Vietnamese)together with completed CV, 2 copies of passport photo and copies of relevant academic degree(s) by 15 January 2008 to the following:

Office of Project ?MARD Macro Management?
Room 202, B4 Building, MARD
02 Ngoc Ha Str, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi
Tel: 0804 3097/8 ? Fax: 04 733 9117

Only short listed applicants will be invited for interview. UNDP applies gender quality policy in the personnel recruitment practice.