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Project Coordinator, Abt Associates Inc.

HIV prevention program for sexual partners of releasees from drug rehabilitation centers, Hanoi

Job de scri ption
December 9, 2007

The project coordinator will be based in Abt Associates’ Hanoi office and will work as a consultant 80%-100% time on this project. The time commitment will depend on the monthly consultant rate negotiated.

The project coordinator will be responsible for day-to-day implementation and management of the project, both technically and administratively. He/she will report to Dr Theodore M. Hammett, principal investigator for the project who is based at Abt’s Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA) office. The project coordinator will work closely with the other project partners (Institute for Social Development Studies and the Hanoi Women’s Health Center) to design, implement, and evaluate the interventions. These activities include identifying peer educators, designing and presenting TOT curricula for these peer educators, and monitoring the work of the peer educators in reaching sexual partners of releasees and intervening with them to reduce their HIV risks.

The coordinator will participate in regular meetings with all project partners, as well as with officials of DOLISA and other agencies involved in operating the drug rehabilitation centers and monitoring releasees in the community. He/she will also work with mass organizations and NGOs (especially Bright Futures and other PLWHA groups) to help identify peer educators and to obtain input on the intervention design.

In the evaluation, the coordinator will work with ISDS to design discussion guides for qualitative interviews and focus groups, assist with obtaining IRB approvals, monitor data collection activities, and participate in data analysis and reporting. This will also involve working with Family Health International and others to obtain relevant quantitative data from the Integrated Biological and Behavioral Survey and other sources that will be used in the evaluation.

The coordinator’s management responsibilities will include monitoring of Vietnam-based budgets (Abt and ISDS) and maintaining regular contact with Dr Hammett. He/she will participate in regular conference calls with Dr Hammett and in regular project meetings with project partners in Hanoi.

Skills/Knowledge Required:
. At least 5 year working experience on HIV/AIDS with international organizations;
. Strong leadership, supervision and management skills;
. Experience with design, implementation and evaluation of interventions;
. Ability to coordinate effectively with international and local partners;
. Experience developing HIV/AIDS training curicula;
. Experience developing and monitoring annual workplans and budgets;
. Professional level skills in English are a requirement, and a university degree (Masters in public health preferred).

Interested applicants should send the application letter, CV in English and relevant certificate by email/ or post to:

Abt Associates
2nd Floor, 72 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi
Tel: (+84.4) 7193139, ext 118
Fax: (+84.4) 7182531
Email: phuong@abtvn.com