GRET tuyển cán bộ dự án ngắn hạn

Tổ chức Nghề nghiệp Đoàn kết và Hợp tác Quốc tế (GRET) tuyển cán bộ dự án làm việc trong 5 tháng (từ 15/8/2016-15/1/2017) tại Hà Nội.
Ứng viên quan tâm vui lòng gửi Cover letter và CV đến địa chỉ email với tiêu đề Temporary project officer + Tên ứng viên.
Hạn cuối nộp hồ sơ: 20/07/2016
Thông tin chi tiết:

The project officer will work 60% time for Phu Nu project and 40% time for others activities of Gret in Vietnam:

1. Phu Nu project (60% time): based in Hanoi with frequent travel to the Vinh Phuc province (The project aims at improving the living conditions and social inclusion of women in the formal and informal sector working in the two industrial zones of Hai Duong and Vinh Phuc).

Main partner: Organization Department, Vinh Phuc Women Union

  • Be in-charge of 7 women worker clubs
  • Manage, guide and support volunteers and collaborators in realising activities related to club operation and collection of information and workers’ issues.
  • Follow-up the meetings and management of clubs in-charge by Women Union’s staff.
  • In cooperation with Women Union to conduct music and sport exchange event on the occasion of The Vietnamese Women Day (20/10/2016);
  • Continue supporting BATIK International in implementing policy advocacy activities, best practices and case studies; support the organization and participate into advocacy workshop by the project end (tentatively in November 2016)
  • Support CDI in 2-day shooting a documentary film about women workers’ life in Vinh Phuc province
  • In cooperation with Women Union, conduct 3 working group meetings (in August, 2016) and 1 multi-stakehoder meeting (in December, 2016).
  • Conduct 3-4 coaching sessions to guide and exchange information with club women leaders
  • Together with project volunteers/ collaborators to conduct M&E interviews with women leaders and resource persons as well as to collect M&E filled forms for club members by project end (October & November, 2016); enter data into Monkey Survey administered by BATIK International
  • Take notes and archive information related to project activities (club and working group meeting minutes, issues of workers, etc.) to prepare for final project report in January 2017.
  • Collect bills and all relevant documents to ensure that the financial monitoring of Gret activities is made possible,
  • Produce timely and high quality reports (if any).
  • Other responsibilities as directed by Project Manager.

2. CFSI project (25%) the project on “Promoting legal aids for migrant women workers in Vietnam”

Main partners: Women Affairs Department and International Relation Department of Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL)

  • In coordination with Gret Paris and CGT (The General Confederation of Labour (in French: Confédération Générale du Travail, CGT)) provides support to VGCL in developing tools and implementing communication campaign for migrant women workers in Vietnam. 
  • Support Vietnam legal aid centers in consultation/ legal aid works for migrant women workers by supporting VGCL to disseminate communication materials to Provincial Labour Unions and Women Unions to implement VGCL’s communication campaigns.
  • Support to develop common ideas of VGCL and CGT, leading to right protection of migrant women workers, enhancing the trade union’s role and complying with ILO’s Convention as well as the requirements of 143 Convention on migrant workers (CGT and VGCL will discuss with each other)
  • Support Gret Paris in Capitalization of project implementation process. The document will be published in both French and Vietnamese.

3. Other activities of Gret in Vietnam (15% time)

  • Participate in developing project proposals/ fundraising activities
  • Develop partner networks   
  • Participate to the activities of communication / capitalisation or publication 
  • Support some office works

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

  • Bachelor degree on social background or any related field (project management or communication),
  • Minimum of 2 years of working experiencein NGO project implementation.
  • Experience of working in multi-cultural environment is an advantage,
  • Able to foresee and organise the work proactively,
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Office 2007, Outlook…),
  • Good interpersonal, planning, time management and coordination skills,
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team with your own initiative,
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills,
  • Excellent English skills (fluency in French is an asset),
  • Ability to deal with people with diplomacy,
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to work for a non-profit organisation.

Contract period: 5-month contract starting from Aug.15th, 2016 to Jan.15th, 2017.

To Apply:

Interested candidates should email a covering letter and a CV to Gret representative office with the title of email: Temporary Project officer + Name of Candidate

Selected candidates will be offered an interview