GGF mở gói tài trợ 2013 – 2014

Quỹ tăng Tăng trưởng xanh (GGF – Green for Growth Fund) mở gói tài tợ 2013 – 2014 cho các chương trình hỗ trợ cộng đồng chống năng lượng bẩn (Community acting against dirty energy)

Hạn cuối: 30/04/2013

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Who is the funding for?

GGF supports global grassroots groups working on environmental sustainability and social justice. FoEI has been a GGF Global Advisor since 2001 and as such, FoEI has an ongoing agreement with GGF to recommend proposals for funding. GGF funding aims to support FoEI’s grassroots agenda by transferring resources to communities and local / community organisations with which FoEI groups work. GGF funds are open to non-FoEI groups only, and FoEI members are requested to approach local groups and communities who you work with in order to recommend the submission of proposals. This money can be spent in the Global South and Eastern Europe.

What is the funding for?

This round of funds is to support local and community organisations who FoEI member groups are working with at the local level to resist / halt new and existing dirty energy projects (including coal, oil, gas, nuclear,

agrofuels, large-scale hydro-power (mega dams) and waste to energy (incineration).

How much can you apply for?

The budgets of the proposals should not exceed US $7000.00 per project. For the current round, FoEI must recommend a total of US $55,000.

Please note that proposals for smaller amounts under US $7000.00 are also very welcome, for example travel grants for participation meetings relating to dirty energy.

Application procedure:

FoEI members are invited to approach local groups and communities with whom you work resisting dirty energy projects in order to recommend the submission of proposals. Member groups are requested to use the two attached GGF application forms (Organizational Form and Post-Approval Form).

Both forms must be completed by the organization that would receive the grant if the proposal is successful. The nominating FoEI member group can of course support the local organization in completing this form. The FoEI member groups who recommend the grantees can also act as fiscal sponsors for the grantees if grantees do not have bank accounts, in which case the FoEI member groups will have to complete the Post-Approval Form instead of the grantee. NB: The Post-Approval Form MUST be signed; without a signature, GGF will not be able to approve the grant.

Proposals are to be submitted to the CJE Programme Coordinators Sarah-Jayne Clifton ( ) and Dipti Bhatnagar ( ) by Tuesday 30 April.

Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Decision-making process:

1. The proposals will be screened by the CJE Programme Coordinators who will then make a recommendation to the CJE Steering Group on the overall allocation, taking into account:

* The strength of the individual proposals

* The strategic importance of the proposals in the global fight against dirty energy and their contribution to CJE Strategy Objective 2 on dirty energy and the overall goal of the Climate Justice & Energy programme

* The spread of proposals across different types of dirty energy project (seeking to ensure that we are supporting proposals across the whole spread of dirty energy projects)

* Regional balance (seeking to ensure that we are supporting proposals spread across the FoEI regions that are eligible, whilst also taking into account that the Africa region also has access to additional GGF funds

through its participation in the GGF African regional board)

2. The decision of the CJE SG will then be submitted to the FoEI Excom for endorsement.


Tuesday 30 April: deadline for submission of proposals (completed GGF forms-both the Organizational Form and the Post-Approval Form)

30 April – 3 May: Translation of French and Spanish proposals

Tuesday 7 May: CJE SG coords submit recommendation to CJE SG

Friday 10 May: Deadline for CJE SG decision

Tuesday 14 May: Deadline for Excom endorsement of CJE SG decision

Wednesday 15 May: GGF notified of our recommendation