UNDP Việt Nam tuyển tư vấn về Luật Môi trường

UNDP Việt Nam tuyển tư vấn về Luật Bảo vệ Môi trường. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến ngày 07/11/2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

The UNDP Viet Nam seeks 01 National Consultant to provide Proposal on the revision of the 2005 Law on Environmental Protection.

Law on Environmental Protection 2005 (LEP) was passed on the 29thNovember 2005 by the National Assembly, Legislature XI of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam at its 8th Session, the Law takes effect from the first of July 2006. It includes 15 chapters and 136 articles). After 5 years of its implementation, the LEP 2005 has contributed significantly to the environmental protection meeting the demands of socio-economic development of Vietnam.

However, the 2005 LEP has presented a number of provisions which are no longer consistent and appropriate with practice causing difficulties and confusion in the implementation. There are overlaps and discrepancies between LEP and other related legal documents as well as overlaps of environmental management responsibilities among governmental agencies. In addition, there have been number of new emerging issues such as a well balance among social, economic and environmental benefits, climate change, green growth, and so on which was not taken into account while developing the 2005 LEP.

The revision of the 2005 LEP revision has been included in the Law Making program of the NA (tenure XIII). A revised LEP is expected to be approved in 2013.

The consultant is required to:

1.            To determine critical gaps/aspects to be developed or revised for the LEP

2.            To make a proposal on LEP revision including an activity-base detailed work plan with costs estimation and human resources needed, and a set of TORs for the activities.

Full solicitation documents can be obtained by visiting UNDP website at:


You are invited to send the most updated CV and financial offer to:

Ms. Le Tuyet Sinh at le.tuyet.sinh@undp.org

Procurement Unit, UNDP Viet Nam

Submission deadline: 07 November 2011, 05.00 p.m (Hanoi time)