CYT tuyển tình nguyện viên

Tổ chức Y tế Tình nguyện (CYT) tuyển tình nguyện viên cho Dự án Thính học (Audiology Project)

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: trước ngày 31/8/2012

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

In order to have the support for our projects in 2012 especially for “Audiology project”, we are recruiting volunteers who can give a hand on social work in doing these projects. We are searching for volunteers who have the compassion and want to dedicate for community with the following information:

HR: 1 leader, 4 volunteers

Project: 4 volunteers

PR: 1 leader, 4 volunteers

Marketing: 1 leader, 4 volunteers

Communication: 1 leader, 4 volunteers

You can have the benefits below when working with us:

– Having a Certificate for dedication on social work.

– Having a chance to be trained skills: leadership, communication, teamwork, basic medical knowledge, soft skills.

– Experiencing and learning new things through our activities.

– Having a chance to communicate with experienced doctors, nursing who can share many topics on healthcare.

– Having the allowance when doing the projects (It depends on each project’s budget)

If you are interested in the positions above, please send your CV (included photo) and inform which Department you want to apply to before August 31, 2012. The subject on email should be followed the format:

[CYT]_Department_Position_Your name

We can stop recruiting without any notice when having enough volunteers. Hopefully, we can make the collaboration to make the life of unfortunate children and poor people better through healthcare programs.