Liên hiệp Phụ nữ Việt Nam tuyển trợ lý

Liên hiệp Phụ nữ Việt Nam hiện đang tuyển 01 vị trí trợ lý kỹ thuật, làm việc trong vòng 02 năm. Các cá nhân quan tâm có thể gửi hồ sơ tới:

Chi tiết công việc như sau:

Terms of Reference for the Recruitment of Technical Assistant for Peace House Shelter Project supporting victims of trafficking in persons

1.      Position title: Technical Assistant to Peace House Shelter Project supporting victims of trafficking in persons

2.      Duration: 02 years (One year contract with 3 months probation period and possibility for renewal under performance assessment)

3.      Location: Hanoi, Vietnam (with travel to Northern provinces of Vietnam)

4.      Expected starting date: February 2012

5.      Brief Project Description

Vietnam Women’s Union is a mass organization that represents and protects women’s rights. In the context of increasing woman and child trafficking cases across the country, VWU has actively conducted a wide variety of activities in combating human trafficking including providing guidelines on activities against woman and child trafficking to women’s unions at all levels, developing communication materials on human trafficking prevention and implementing intervention and support models. Center for Women and Development, as part of Vietnam Women’s Union, aims to promote women’s inclusive development nationwide, especially women of vulnerable groups and from difficult backgrounds.

In March 2007, Peace House Shelter Project supporting victims of trafficking in persons was established as a result of co-operation between Center for Women and Development – Vietnam Women’s Union and Spanish Agency for International Development Co-operation (AECID). The capacity of the Shelter is 15-20 residents at a time. Need-based support services offered by the Shelter Project include: safe accommodation, health care, psychological care, legal aids, vocational training, etc. Shelter residents can stay for not more than 18 months and continue to receive follow-up support for the next 24 months.

After more than 04 years of implementation, Peace House Shelter has provided counseling services for thousands of women and others and has supported 150 women and children who are trafficked returnees of 12 ethnic minorities and from 35 provinces across the country. In 2010, Peace House Shelter Project launched a media campaign in Lang Son to raise awareness on human trafficking prevention and introduce the Shelter services. The campaign attracted participation of over 700 people including representatives from provincial relevant agencies and people from the community.   

Phase 3 of the Project which is expected to start from November 2011 aims at transferring the model to MOLISA whom is assigned with the main responsibility to provide assistance for victims of trafficking in persons. Main activities of Phase 3 will be categorized as follows:

−          Shelter and support service maintenance (with higher shelter capacity to meet increasing demand of entry to Peace House)

−          Communication and awareness raising

−          Capacity enhancement (for project staff and staff of concerned agencies, especially MOLISA and its provincial subordinates as preparation for the Transfer Phase)

−          Referral system development

 6.      Description of duties:

The Technical Assistance will work under direct supervision of Project Director and Project Co-Director and in close collaboration with Peace House Shelter Project staff members. The Technical Assistant will support the implementation of project activities in Phase 3 with the following specific responsibilities:

 ·         Coordinate initial proposal reformulation in order to assure a proper scope of the project and adequate and efficient budgetary execution levels, taking in consideration the results obtained in the mid term evaluation

·         Provide technical advice to Peace House Shelter Management Unit and Project staff members to ensure effective and time-efficient implementation of project activities in Phase 3 to fulfill the project’s objectives

·         Review and provide technical inputs on model expansion and transfer to MOLISA (designing action plans, initiating dialogues)

·         Provide technical assistance on the designing and planning of project activities (monthly plans, quarterly plans and yearly plans)

·         Provide technical input on the budget planning and budget execution of Project activities

·         Assist Peace House Project staff in developing high quality communication and awareness raising materials on human trafficking prevention and good shelter practices

·         Provide technical assistance on network strengthening and referral system development of the project

·         Act as the coordinator between Peace House Shelter Project and AECID

·         Develop monitoring and evaluation tools for Project activities in Phase 3

·         Capacity building of the staff project in planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting

·         Provide technical support to related projects of Peace House Shelter Project supporting victims of domestic violence within the organization

 7.      Expected outputs:

·         Peace House Shelter Project’s objectives in Phase 3 are achieved in a timely and successful manner

·         Strategy of sustainability of the model is in place, including clear proposal of model transfer to MOLISA

·         Diagnostic and Plan of action for the improvement of the services provided by the shelter have been developed

·         Project’s Action Plan, Monthly Plan, Quarterly plan are well-developed

·         Progress reports are well-prepared and submitted to AECID

·         Better information sharing and approval mechanism between the Project and AECID is developed and put into use.

·         Monitoring and evaluation tools are developed for Phase 3 of the Project

8.      Requirements

·       Master’s degree or equivalent in Social Sciences, Gender Studies, Development of other related fields

·       At least 4 years of sound working experience in gender-related or development fields and in multi-cultural backgrounds

·       Good knowledge of gender issues in Asia especially in  Vietnam. Knowledge/ research on  human trafficking in  Asia , especially in Vietnam will be valued.

·       Good networking, teamwork and interpersonal skills

·       Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity

·       Proven experiences with project management and project planning

·       Strong analytical, writing and communication skills

·       Fluency in English and good computer skills 

·       Innovative, flexible and result-oriented and pro-active

·       Knowledge and experience in AECID bilateral programs and administrative mechanisms will be valued

·       In good health and available for travel to the provinces

9.      Remuneration package:

We offer a position in a highly motivated project team, field visits to the provinces and interesting cultural environments.

A maximum of 40.000 EUR / year (inclusive of all expenses such as travel, health, taxes, etc.) will be offered to the successful candidate. 

Paid Leave: 22 working days

10.  How to apply:

If interested, please send your CV and Application Letter detailing your working experiences and why you wish to apply and how you find yourself suitable in this position by post or electronically to the following address:

Peace House Shelter Project supporting victims of trafficking in persons

Center for Women and Development

3rd Floor, Block B, 20 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam

ATTN: Ms Pham Do Quyen 

Tel.: 043 728 1019 (Mon-Fri)