Dự thi về ý tưởng, giải pháp cho các vấn đề xã hội

Cơ hội cho các bạn giành được 1500 SGD và 1 chuyến đi Singapore dành cho 3 người. Nếu bạn có 1 giải pháp cho 1 vấn đề xã hội, hãy quay phim ý tưởng của mình và apply nhé. 3 người 1 nhóm. Hạn cuối nộp ý tưởng là ngày 31.12.2011. Chi tiết như sau:

Hello ASEAN Youth!
You have an idea which can change the world? An idea that can bring smiles to the underprivileged? An idea that can improve the lives of poor or provide education to children?

4th ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas is here. This year the theme for AIC is “Social Innovation”.

Identify the problem. Provide a sustainable solution. Walk away with attractive prizes.

“How can I apply?”
Simply form a group of maximum 3 members
Download the application form
Fill up the form which includes an executive summary of your idea- how you plan to solve a social issue in the region
Send the application form to us via email: aic_submissions@nes.org.sg

Finalists will be required to produce a short video on the social issue and their proposed solution. The winner will walk away with SGD1500 and sponsored trip to ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange (AYLE) 2012 in Singapore! The first and second running up walk away with SGD1000 and SGD500 respectively.

Deadline for submission is 31st Dec. You have less than two weeks to think of an idea that can contribute towards the betterment of our community!

Visit www.aseanpreneurs.com/aic for more information and apply!