Pact tuyển nhóm tư vấn đánh giá

Pact cần tuyển nhóm 2 tư vấn đánh giá chương trình Ngăn ngừa lây truyền bệnh từ mẹ sang con. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến ngày 11 tháng 8 năm 2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:


Since May 2010, Save the Children (SCiV) and the Population Services International (PSI) received fund from President Emergency Program for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)/ USAID through Pact Vietnam to implement the project: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV. This project implemented in 4 provinces namely Dien Bien, Yen Bai, Nam Dinh and Bac Giang from June 2010 to September 2011 with the strategy objective is: To increase the use of key practices and services that prevent the transmission of HIV and provide care and treatment services for mother and children.

SCiV is conducting an internal review to document achievements, and identify enabling factors as well as barriers of of this project. To complement that review, Pact plans to conduct an external evaluation to assess the two models that SCiV is using to approach the women for testing and provide PMTCT interventions.

1.          Research Objectives

  • To document two models and related intervention activities of PMTCT programs used in the four provinces
  • To identify enabling factors and barriers that influence the implementation of PMTCT interventions in the four provinces
  • Explore different stake-holders’ perspectives on two models’ implementation, which might include Government agencies, service providers, program managers and clients.
  • To document lessons learnt from this program,comparing two models of intervention.

2.          Scope of Work

The consultancy period is flexible from 12 August to 30 September, which includes the follow tasks:

No Tasks
1 Review documents of PMTCT program implemented by SCiV and PSI
2 Write research proposal with clear approaches, methods, including tool sets developed
3 Data collection
4 Data analysis and report writing

The actual payment will be based on the actual working days, which will be discussed between Pact and consultant team.

The consultant team will work with Care and Treatment team and report to the Manager of Care and Treatment team.

  1. 3.          Time frame

Pact is looking to contract consultants as soon as possible. The consultants will work flexibly from August 12th to September 30th.

  1. Qualifications

Pact expects to get a consultant team with two experts with at least 3 years’ experience working in PMTCT programs; one expert is medicaldoctor (MD), and one expert has master’s degree in PublicHealth, Social Sciences, or related field.