CARE tuyển Điều phối viên dự án

Tổ chức CARE Quốc tế tại Việt Nam cần tuyển Điều phối viên dự án, làm việc tại Hà Nội. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 31/03/2011.

CARE in Vietnam is a Non-Government Organization representing the CARE International network. CARE in Vietnam is a creative and dynamic organization, working with Vietnamese partners in the sectors of health, rural development and disaster mitigation and preparedness.

CARE in Vietnam is looking for an experienced and qualified Vietnamese to fill in Climate Change Working Group/ Disaster Management Working Group Coordinator.

Position information:
Position title: Climate Change Working Group/Disaster Management Working Group (CCWG/DMWG) Coordinator
Reporting to: Disaster Risk Reduction/Climate Change Program Manager
Contract: 15 months with potential extension
Base in: Hanoi with travel to project sites as required

Background Information
Vietnam is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world, threatened by rising sea levels, greater-intensity storms, floods and droughts and other effects of global warming. The Vietnamese government, donors and communities are increasingly concerned to respond to climate change and a variety of programmes and institutional arrangement are underway, including the National Target Program.

The Climate change Working Group in Vietnam (CCWG) established early 2008 brings together INGOs, Vietnamese NGOs, development agencies and other professionals who contribute to reducing the vulnerability of poor people in Vietnam to the impacts of climate change through NGO coordination, advocacy and capacity building for environmentally and economically sustainable and socially just responses to climate change. They meet regularly to exchange ideas and to discuss ‘lessons learned’ on how to improve their capacity in climate change response. CCWG is coordinated by a core group of representatives from INGOs and Vietnamese NGOs. In addition, CCWG maintains three thematic groups: climate change Adaptation, Climate Change Awareness and Behaviour Change and Climate Change Mitigation. Thematic groups meet separately to exchange
relevant information and ideas and provide updates to the core group. CCWG has a website and a mailing list of approximately 400 subscribers. CCWG functions under the auspices of the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre. The current chair of CCWG is CARE International in Vietnam.

The Disaster Management Working Group (DMWG) was set up in 1999 to support information sharing and coordination of relief activities in Viet Nam. Its main purpose is to support hazard reduction and DM through improved information sharing and coordination of interventions amongst all relevant agencies. The group is comprised of a large number of international and national NGOs, UN agencies and Government counterparts and meets on a monthly basis. The core group members for 2010
are composed of 13 organizations. Recognizing the synergies of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, coordination between CCWG and DMWG has been promoted over the past 2 years in areas of advocacy and learning and sharing.

CCWG, through CARE International in Vietnam, have received a small grant from the Southern Voices Capacity Building Programme funded by Danida. The funding should help to reinforce the governance of CCWG and its coordination with other networks such as DMWG, VNGO Network as well as strengthening its activities in terms of capacity building for NGOs in pro-poor adaptation, climate change mainstreaming, advocacy skills, policy analysis and monitoring. This will be achieved
with the support of a full time coordinator of CCWG with support to the coordination of DMWG as well

Position Summary
The Climate Change Working Group/ Disaster Management Working Group (CCWG/DMWG) Coordinator is expected to support the Chair of CCWG in coordination and facilitation the action plans of CCWG. The Coordinator is responsible for sharing and learning, capacity building activities and support with advocacy strategy development and implementation of CCWG and DMWG. S/he will take the overall management of the Southern Voice Capacity Building prooject including financial, programmatic and partnership management, monitoring and evaluation. S/he will spend 20% of his/her time to support coordination of DMWG.

Main tasks with CCWG (80%) include:
• Coordinate and ensure a good sharing and learning among CCWG members on climate change initiatives and knowledge on climate change in order to maximize impact and minimize overlap with the support of the Chair
o Support to organize monthly meeting including a coordinated agenda, necessary contacts with resource people from government agencies, NGOs and other institutions, minutes taking and logistics support.
o Coordinate the development of annual work plans for the CCWG and its sub-groups, and support regular monitoring and reporting back of achievements
o Respond to the requests for information on CCWG, joining CCWG mailing list. For other requests relating to representation of CCWG, this should be communicated to the Chair who is the official representative of CCWG.
o Organize the sharing and learning workshops and events of CCWG
o Support the coordination of representation of NGOs in forums, meetings at different levels
o Support the thematic groups with their meetings and coordinate the feedback from the thematic groups to the core group and general meetings.
o Update and/or facilitate updates of the CCWG with the latest news in media, laws, policies, researches, project documentation, programme reports and other resources related to climate change;
o Regularly manage and update CCWG website and CCWG mailing list
o Pro-actively build partnerships and promote networking with other networks such as VNGO Network, DMWG, EMWG and all relevant organizations and the Government of Vietnam at all levels. Assess their needs to further develop information sharing
on climate change programmes, which may lead to improved development practices amongst CCWG members, partner organisations and may benefit vulnerable people to climate change
• Support the Core group in development and implementation of a joint climate change advocacy strategy for CCWG and DMWG
o Support the development and implementation a joint advocacy strategy for climate change and disaster management in Vietnam together with DMWG including TOR development, organizing workshop for feedback, support the consultant to design the strategy etc.
o Support the coordination of advocacy messages on the prioritized topics identified in the advocacy strategy which potentially include community adaptation, REDD, energy efficiency etc
o Support the identification of channels and opportunities for advocacy and coordinate advocacy efforts among CCWG members and actively engage in the advocacy opportunities such as CG, SEDP mainstreaming events, NTP implementation. This
will require active interaction with the key government agencies such as MARD, MONRE, MPI as well as key donors
o Monitor and follow up on the implementation of the agreed advocacy strategy and regularly report back to CCWG and DMWG on key outputs
• Strengthen the capacity activities of CCWG.
o Implement the activities in the framework of the Southern Voices capacity building project including the assessment of the capacity of CCWG to monitor the changes that project activities will bring about; support to identify the prioritized needs for
capacity building relating to climate change mainstreaming, advocacy skills, policy analysis and monitoring, REDD, CDM, voluntary markets and others for thematic groups to identify opportunities for capacity building of NGOs and implement the
o Provide technical support to the Capacity building project hosted by SRD.
• Other tasks:
o Prepare yearly report of CCWG and other reports as required by the Southern Voices Capacity Building project including a report on the status of climate change policy implementation in Vietnam.
o Ensure that all necessary financial procedures of the Southern Voice Capacity
o Building project are completed and in accordance with CARE and the donor requirements.
o Take meeting minutes and prepare meeting/workshop reports as required. Conduct other tasks as agreed by the CCWG

Main tasks of DMWG (20%) include:
• Provide administration and logistics support to DMWG
• Play as a Liaison officer between DMWG and CCWG
• Support the implementation of the strategy on joint advocacy with CCWG
• Assist in the identification of synergies between the DMWG and the CCWG and take appropriate initiatives to increase cooperation and harmonization

Selection Criteria
• Sound knowledge of major development issues related to climate change and disaster management in Vietnam. Highly desirable experience in policy-relevant advocacy; networking and/or capacity building. 2 years of experience in above areas is the minimum requirement.
• Strong liaison and networking, strong representational and interpersonal skills
• Experience in working in NGO environment;
• Written and oral communication skills (fluent in both Vietnamese and English);
• Highly organized and self-motivated and flexible
• High level of computer literacy;
• University degree in social sciences, environment and/or development

Interested candidates should send a full CV in English and stating the position title to email: Closing date to apply for this position: 31 March 2011
The short-listed applicants will be contacted for interviews. Please no telephone contact after submitting the application.