UNDP tuyển Tư vấn

UNDP cần tuyển chuyên gia tư vấn. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 16/02/2011.

UNDP Vietnam seeks proposals from international individual consultants and consultants assigned by consulting firms/institutions to conduct Research Study on Court Administration of an Eastern European country in transitioning toward a rule-of-law state, under the Project “Strengthening Access to Justice and Protection of Rights”.

The main objectives of the research study are:
1. To describe the court governance and administration systems that the studied country has adopted; and to analyze the way and trend in which the country’s judicial system (within its political, cultural and institutional context) enhance or undermine the independence and impartiality of judicial decision-making.

2. Drawing on the country overall analysis in 1 above, to identify key factors which appear significant in relation to enhancing (or undermining) the impartiality, accountability and independence of judicial decision-making, and to consider the degree to which such factors can be successfully implemented in the context of a judicial system like Vietnam’s which the branches of government are unified rather than separated, with coordination and allocation of functions between them rather than subject to mutual checks and balances.

The selection will be based on a competitive basis and will comply with UNDP procurement regulations.
Full solicitation documents can be obtained by visiting UNDP website at: http://www.undp.org.vn/detail/get-involved/undp-opportunities/undp-opportunities-details/?contentId=3789&languageId=1
Interested candidates are invited to submit Technical and Financial Proposals to:
Procurement Unit
UNDP Viet Nam
72 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Attention: Procurement Unit
Tel. (84-4) 3 9421495
Telefax number: (84-4) 3 9422267
Email: procurement.vn@undp.org

Submission deadline: 16 February 2011 ; 5:00 pm Hanoi time (UTC/GMT +7 hours)