UNDP tuyển Tư vấn quốc gia

UNDP cần tuyển Tư vấn quốc gia. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 20/12/2010.

The UNCT-level ‘Accounting for Gender Equality’ Scorecard sets minimum standards for UNCTs to assess their performance, and to identify gaps and progress across the system. The purpose of the Gender Scorecard exercise is:
Ø To assist UNCTs in identifying areas in which they are meeting or not meeting minimum standards.
Ø To stimulate a constructive dialogue within the UNCT about the current status of support for gender equality and women’s empowerment and how it can be improved.
Ø To identify where technical assistance can support the achievement of minimum standards.
Ø To share good practice in supporting national priorities to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The UN Country Team in Viet Nam has decided, as an action under the UN Gender Mainstreaming Strategy 2009-2011, to conduct the gender scorecard exercise in early 2011, in order to:
Ø Capture progress made since the internal UN 2008 Gender Audit, using the Audit findings as a baseline for the Scorecard Exercise.
Ø Provide feedback to the UN Country Team about the performance of the One UN in Viet Nam on gender equality and gender mainstreaming.
Ø Inform development and finalization of the next One Plan 2012-2016.
The UNCT is seeking consultancy team to carry out the gender scorecard exercise in Viet Nam in January 2011. The objectives of the consultancy are to:
Ø Carry out the scorecard exercise and prepare a report on the findings.
Ø Prepare a presentation summarizing key findings as an input to the UNCT Retreat to be held in early 2011.

Full solicitation documents can be obtained by visiting UNDP website at:
Interested candidates are invited to send the most updated CV and financial offer to:
Ms. Nguyen Thuy Nga at nguyen.thuy.nga@undpaffiliates.org
Procurement Unit, UNDP Viet Nam
Submission deadline: 05.00 pm, 20 December 2010