Habitat tuyển Cán bộ dự án

Tổ chức Hỗ trợ Gia cư tại Việt Nam (Habitat for Humanity Viet Nam) cần tuyển Cán bộ dự án làm việc tại Kiên Giang. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 20/12/2010.

Position title:  Vocational and Livelihood Training Officer of the Rainbow Village Project
Workplace:  Habitat Resource Center in Kien Giang Province
Reports to: Project Manager/Senior Manager of Habitat Resource Center in Kien Giang
Direct Reports: NA 
Relates to: Project teams, Clients, Implementing Partners, Officials and Community
Position duration: 12 months (with possible extension), estimated start in January 2011

Project background:
The Rainbow Village project has as a major component the construction of 90 houses for the families who live and work on the garbage dump in Rach Gia city, Kien Giang province. The houses with roads and all services are being constructed by HFHV using contractors, volunteers and vocational trainees. Training will be provided for livelihoods that are appropriate to the region and culture, which may include: construction, motor bike repairs, sewing and tailoring, handicraft production, hairdressing and beauty, small livestock breeding, computer work and cooking to enable beneficiaries to earn sustainable and reliable incomes. The home owner will be required to contribute “sweat equity” and will need to have adequate regular income to qualify for a home loan. The loan will be for the total price of the house and repayment terms will be set at an affordable level with respect to their incomes. In addition a six month initial period with no repayments will be allowed to assist with relocation expenses. Upon finalization of the loan the Land Use Certificate will be transferred to the family who will then have title to their house. Remaining money in the loan fund after payment for the land to Union of Friendship Organization of Kien Giang province will be used for further housing loans.
Overall responsibility of a Vocational and Livelihood Training Officer: To work in partnership with local vocational training schools, enterprises, businesses, partners and other HFHV staff to enable project home partners to improve their socio-economic conditions through developing, delivering and monitoring relevant vocational and livelihood trainings. The Vocational and Livelihood Training Officer will play a key role in advising relevant training programs as well as identifying new job opportunities for the project home partners.

Key areas of responsibilities
• Integrate of Habitat for Humanity’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Values in program delivery.
• Conduct market survey on job, relevant vocational and livelihood opportunities;
• In partnership with relevant partners, develop, deliver, monitor and evaluate relevant vocational and livelihood training program for project home partners;
• Work in partnership with Loan Officer to develop, deliver, monitor and evaluate livelihood loan programs;
• Ensure the program/project managers produce the required reports with accuracy and timeliness;
• Provide assistance to project teams and manager in preparing information for monitoring and evaluation, particularly in related to vocational and livelihood trainings;
• Coordinate with other HFHV staff in community organizing activities, including but not limited to meetings, community consultation and hosting domestic and International volunteer teams.
• Provide oversight during volunteer builds with volunteer coordinating team to ensure safety and a positive experience for volunteers and community partners.
• Develop and maintain good relations with local government partners and community stakeholders;
• Develop relationship and work with other international NGOs, Local NGOs and UN agencies who work in the same targeted program areas to synergize program in addressing different needs of communities.
• Other relevant tasks as required.

Experience Required:
• At least 3 years experience working in vocational and/or livelihood training, education, human resources and/or program management.
• Bachelor’s degree in a related field of study.
• Good skills in English speaking and writing will be an advantage.
• Good Khmer speaking will be an advantage.
• Experience working in an international organization in the region, preferably in an NGO
• Computer literacy; able to use Microsoft Office Suite.
• Be able to work under pressure.
• Benefits and Performance Appraisals
• Benefits will be provided as guided by Terms of References and/or contractual agreement and as required by standard labor policies and practices of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as related to INGO operations in Vietnam and guided by best practices from HFHI policy and guidelines.
• Annual or project specific job plans will be developed with supervisor and management team will objectively guide and serve as assessment tool for regular (3-6 months) performance assessments and formal annual or end of contract performance appraisals.

How to apply
We invite the interested candidates to send their full CV with photo to below contact by December 20, 2010
Habitat for Humanity Vietnam – Email: application@habitatvietnam.org