EMW tuyển Giám đốc điều hành

Tổ chức Hội ngộ Đông Tây (The East Meets West Foundation – EMW) cần tuyển Giám đốc điều hành. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 22/10/2010.

The East Meets West Foundation (EMW) is one of the largest international nongovernmental organizations in Vietnam. EMW has operated in Vietnam for the last 22 years, with headquarters in Oakland, California, and offices in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho
Chi Minh City, and Quang Ngai. As the foundation for learning, healing and health, East Meets West’s core program work is in the areas of education, medical and health care, clean water and sanitation, and infrastructure. Our programs reflect our commitment to removing the barriers that prevent people from enjoying life’s fullest opportunities. Our primary mission is to serve the poor and the disadvantaged in Vietnam and other countries in Asia.

The Senior Operations Director is a new senior management position designed to support the Country Director for Vietnam in managing programs and projects in these four core areas, and in contributing to new program development and fundraising efforts carried out by a number of EMW staff in the United States and in Vietnam. Currently East Meets West is implementing a number of long-term projects with institutional donors such as the World Bank, AusAID, and USAID; foundations such as Atlantic Philanthropies and the Ford Foundation; corporate donors such as Akzo Nobel and Diageo; and individual donors in these four core areas.

Main Duties:
A. Oversee the monitoring and performance of programs with the Global Partnership on Output-based Aid (GPOBA)/World Bank in the areas of education, clean water and irrigation; with AusAID in clean water and sanitation; and with USAID in clean water, health and education. Responsible for maintaining progress reports and ensuring compliance with World Bank, AusAID and USAID requirements.
B. Work with Country Director to develop new programs in agriculture, weather insurance for farmers, climate change adaptation, and social entrepreneurship.
C. Serve as liaison to various government and nongovernmental (NGO) agencies, and coordinate cooperative activities with other NGOs and local/national government agencies. Attend meetings in the absence of Country Director.
D. Provide reports to the EMW Oakland headquarters office to assist in strategic planning for programs and funding, including identifying the needs and potential needs for developing projects.
E. Oversee compliance with the procurement policy, including internal auditing of the procurement and accounts payable process for all programs.
F. Oversee quarterly reporting to the Board, and track report deadlines from various organizations.
G. Maintain and enhance positive working environment, including adherence to the EMW Code of Ethics, fostering good staff relationships, professional behavior and creative problem solving and problem prevention.

Master’s degree in international development, rural development, public administration, or a related field is required.
Five or more years of overseas experience in international development, with at least three years experience managing a multidisciplinary team in a developing country is required.
Demonstrated experience in staff development, including building high-performing teams.
Demonstrated experience working with individual donors and funding agencies.
Detail-oriented, without losing sight of the big picture.
Excellent written and oral English. Competency in Vietnamese is essential.
Ability and willingness to travel frequently.
Proven record in building effective working relationships with local agencies in a developing country.

Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@eastmeetswest.org in the US, or to thoi@eastmeetswest.org.vn in Vietnam.
The deadline for application is Oct 22, 2010.
East Meets West is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its hiring practices.