Chemonics International tuyển cán bộ

Chemonics International Inc tuyển cán bộ hỗ trợ cộng đồng và hoạt động tài trợ nhỏ tại Việt Nam. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 25/09/2010.

Chemonics International, a global development firm based in Washington, DC, seeks a Microfinance and Community Support Officer for the USAID HIV Workplace Project in Vietnam to help to provide employment opportunities and services for people living with HIV/AIDS and other high-risk individuals.
Position: Microfinance and Community Support Officer
Estimated Level of Effort: full-time

USAID’s Workplace-based Prevention and Employment and Supportive Services for High-Risk Individuals in Vietnam Project (USAID HIV Workplace), is a five-year, $3 million project implemented through September 2013 by Chemonics International, Inc. under the U.S. President’s Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The objective of the Project is to prevent HIV infection among high-risk individuals and to provide employment opportunities and economic rehabilitation services for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and other high risk individuals (HRIs) to help reduce discrimination and stigma. To meet this objective, the Project operates within the three broad areas of workplace policies, vocational counseling and training, and microfinance. The project works with government organizations, enterprises, and communities to promote the integration of effective prevention and support activities for workers in high risk working environments.

One of the key components of the Project is to expand access to employment services to HRIs in order to accelerate their economic rehabilitation. Microfinance is a key element of the economic rehabilitation strategy. Developing microfinance as a viable and sustainable mechanism for economic strengthening of PLHIV/HRIs by mainstreaming HIV into micro-finance institutes and banks is a key project strategy during fiscal year 2011 (starting in October 2010). The focus will be on improving access of PLHIV and HRIs to integrated HIV/AIDS services and micro-finance through linking two professional and financially viable institutions with HIV-focused organizations in order to complement microfinance services with other social support services for PLHIV and HRI clients.

The incumbent in this position will work in close collaboration with other project staff, partners, and sub-contractors to ensure a smooth and effective identification of PLHIVs and HRIs in need and eligible for microfinance services for self-employment. The incumbent will also be required to coordinate and ensure timely provision of non-financial (technical? Or what kind of support) support for the loan beneficiaries during their loan utilization. Oversight and coordination of the project’s microfinance-related activities represent approximately 80 percent of the responsibilities of this position.

In addition, the project works to provide vocational counseling and link PLHIVs and HRIs with paid-job opportunities. To this end, the incumbent will also support the Drug Addiction Recovery/IDU Rehabilitation and Employment Specialist to effectively identify PLHIVs and HRIs who are in need for paid-employment, refer them to appropriate support services, and provide support for job retention in a case-by-case basis. This task represents approximately 20 percent of this position.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Strategic responsibilities:
1. Work with concerned organizations based on a participatory approach, and coordinate activities among organizations related to the project.
2. Support project partners in ensuring effective communication about available microfinance services and identification of potential clients for microfinance services and paid-employment support
3. Provide technical support to local partners in referring the microfinance clients to relevant social and health services available in selected communities
4. Support project partners and sub-contractors in developing group meeting guidelines on HIV/AIDS and stigma reduction for microfinance clients
5. Determine annual priorities in collaboration with self-help groups of PLHIVs and HRIs
6. Support implementation of the project in compliance with contract requirements.

Technical responsibilities in the area of Microfinance:
1. Study and master information on existing microfinance services and procedures of project partner organizations to provide effective support in working with different self-help groups and other channels to communicate and identify potential clients for microfinance services.
2. Collaborate closely with project partners and microfinance clients to identify needs for business development and coordinate with sub-contractors for support.
3. Collaborate closely with self-help groups to identify needs for paid-employment and refer potential clients to appropriate services.
4. Conduct follow-up and coordinate with local subcontractors and partners to ensure effective provision of relevant business development support and loan utilization monitoring to microfinance clients
5. Assist in preparing terms of reference and budget estimates for related workshops and trainings based on proposals and on discussion with counterparts using participatory methods.
6. Support monitoring consultancies to ensure project activities are effectively implemented and are in accordance with project goals and USAID regulations.
7. Collect data, information and support to prepare progress reports on microfinance activities, including success stories, assessment reports, and quarterly progress reports for internal and external use.
8. Estimate budgets for activities based on proposals and on discussions with counterparts using participatory methods.
9. Travel outside Hanoi as needed.

Operational Responsibilities:
1. Maintain the organization of plans and reports related to projects and programs, keeping program and project administration in order.
2. Participate in technical meetings and workshops related to the areas of responsibility.
3. Share experience, knowledge and skills with other staff members and support a university level intern who will provide administrative support to the program
4. Other duties as assigned.

* University degree in finance or other relevant area.
* At least three years experience working with self-help groups and/or projects and program on economic strengthening for PLHIV/HRIs.
* Experience with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in Vietnam
* Advanced computer skills.
* Experience in working with mass organizations at community level is preferred
* Ability or willingness to communicate and work with people from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
* Excellent and demonstrated organizational skills with attention to detail.
* Ability to perform well with minimal supervision.
* Present a professional demeanor and exercise professional judgment.
* Ability to prioritize work assignments; capable of making decisions which will foster timely work completion.
* Willing and ability to travel domestically.
* Strong English language skills preferred.

We encourage PLHIVs to apply to this position.

The Microfinance and Community Support Officer will report directly to the Chief of Party. The project requires a probation period of two (2) months.

Instructions for Application:
Send CVs and expressions of interest to by September 25th, 2009. Please visit for more information about our company.
Finalists will be contacted.