WIMR tuyển cán bộ dự án

Viện nghiên cứu y học Woolcock (WIMR), có trụ sở tại Úc đang tiến hành một dự án y tế công cộng tại Việt Nam. WIMR đang cần tuyển cán bộ dự án, làm việc tại Hà Nội. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 10/5/2010. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:


The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (WIMR) is a leading Australian-based research organization that conducts research into lung diseases such as tuberculosis and asthma.  WIMR is undertaking a major public health research project in Vietnam, in partnership with the Vietnam National Tuberculosis Program. The project will examine the transmission of tuberculosis within households, and will be conducted throughout Vietnam. The project will run for four years.
Job Summary:
This position is based in Hanoi, with travel to Provinces in northern and central Vietnam.
They are seeking a Project Officer to take on a management role in the preparation and implementation of this project in the clinics of the National Tuberculosis Program in the northern and central regions of Vietnam. This person will also have primary responsibility for data collection, management, quality assurance, data analysis and communication with partner Government hospitals and clinics where the research is being performed. She or he will work closely with a Project Coordinator, a Project Assistant, staff at Vietnamese hospitals and clinics and senior Australian researchers.
Main duties:
–  Oversee the implementation of the research study at district clinics and provincial hospitals in accordance with the research protocol
– Organize training events, quality control processes and accurate documentation required for the research
– Oversee data collection and analysis for research data collected throughout government hospitals and clinics throughout Vietnam
– Prepare accurate and timely reports of research results
– Represent the Investigators Committee in meetings and events relating to this research
– Provide accurate written reports about the progress of the research
– Oversee the budget expenditure of the research in keeping with proper processes of financial accountability
– Maintain good communication with staff working at Government hospitals and clinics involved in the research project
– Work closely with a Project Coordinator, Project Assistant and staff at the National Lung Hospital in Hanoi
– A health-related University qualification such as a Masters of Public Health or Medical Degree
– Experience and skills in project management including planning, monitoring, human resources and finance
– Clear and credible communication, including good conversational and written English and Vietnamese
– Ability to work independently and work effectively with other health care workers
– Experience in public health and an understanding of the health care system of Vietnam
– Excellent organizational and administrative skills
– Familiarity with use of Microsoft Excel and Word
– Owns a motorbike and has a current driving license
– Ability and willingness to travel
Terms of employment:
This will be a 3 year full-time position, commencing mid May 2010.
Application deadline: WIMR is looking to fill this position as soon as possible. Applications close Monday 10th May at 5pm.
Applicants should forward a current CV and a letter of application addressing the qualifications and competencies to Dr Greg Fox, Project Coordinator, WIMR at greg.fox@sydney.edu.au.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. Applications will not be returned.
Organization name: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (WIMR)
Application deadline: 2010-05-10
Send application to: greg.fox@sydney.edu.au