MCNV tại Nha Trang tuyển cán bộ y tế

Ủy ban Y tế Hà Lan-Việt Nam (The Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam – MCNV) tại Nha Trang đang cần tuyển cán bộ y tế cho Chương trình phòng chống HIV/AIDS. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 01/02/2010.

MCNV Representative Office
Job description of Health Program Officer for HIV/AIDS

Job summary
To provide operational, logistical management and technical support to the program “Comprehensive PMTCT services for especially vulnerable women in Vietnam” and other programs or projects of HIV team of MCNV
The program Officer is responsible to the operational officer for operational tasks and the Senior Advisor for HIV/AIDS program for the technical tasks, and is finally responsible to the Country Representative (CR).
This position is based in Hanoi and requires extensive travel to the field in North Vietnam.

Tasks and Responsibilities
1. Needs assessment for development
• Propose to operational officer and SA needs and opportunity to assess community needs for development to implement and extend programmes.
• Design, coordinate the implementation, process data, and write report on needs assessment for development.
• Connect assessed needs with sponsor’s funding policies.
• Coach junior POs and partners in selecting and designing new tools for needs assessment exercise to fit with specific target groups.

2. Programme design and proposal writing
• Monitor existing programme design for continuous improvement to fit with contextual conditions of the programme.
• Facilitate project or programme-component design workshop using logical framework, with the participation of stakeholders.
• Draft project proposals according to sponsor’s format and MCNV requirements.

3. Programme Implementation and Monitoring
• Facilitate planning meetings with the participation of stakeholders.
• Provide support to and facilitate counterparts to set up local multisectoral system with the active involvement of health partners in the program;
• Coordinate successfully the implementation of plans.
• Mobilized & organize resources well ahead of due activities.
• Make activity and budget plans with counterparts;
• Assure stakeholders are well aware of programme progress, and their roles in programme implementation.
• Together with the senior advisor provide advice, supportive supervision and technical support for counterparts
• Ability to make individual work plan in accordance with programme implementation plans, and implement plans successfully, meeting set deadlines.
• Design monitoring system (purpose, expected results, contents, process, and methods) for responsible programme, specifying stakeholders’ roles in programme monitoring.
• Solve problems relating to programme plans, partnership, consultants, finance, and other resources.
• Monitor every single programme activity for learning purpose for stakeholders. Apply lessons learnt on activity content, methods of conduction in the implementation of the following activity.
• Maintaining a good project administration, keep track of plans and reports related to projects and program;
• Assure that the management and the administration of trainings is completed in time and contains key elements such as agenda, description of tools and methods, evaluation, and curriculum vitae of trainers;
• Monitor programme immediate and long-term impacts for learning on aspects such as relevance, strategy, inputs, and processes.
• Work effectively as team member in mid-term or programme termination evaluation from design to report.
• Coach junior team members in programme monitoring. Help them answer questions such as why, what, how, who, when, how often to monitor. Advice them on problem solving and decision making with the participation of stakeholders.

4. Monitoring Reporting
• Provide feedback and comment on mid-term and annual report from counterparts
• Provide effective support and coaching to team members and partners so that they can write reports on their part of work, meeting the requirements of MCNV and donors in terms of timeliness and quality of reports.
• Write analytical report on programme activities and periodical progress report of programme. Reports are submitted in time without having to rework.
• Communicate/disseminate reports to stakeholders successfully for learning purpose.

5. Soft part in programme management
• Initiate, maintain and develop genuine partnership with programme partners. Correct error in partnership early and effectively.
• Make decisions on whether to use consultants or not through evaluation of workload and task requirements.
• Manage consultants well from writing ToR, recruitment, contracting, monitoring & support, evaluation and feedback. Draft and provide comments on narrative and consultancy reports; Work closely with international researchers
• Support team members in partnership development and consultant management when required.

6. Professional requirements
• Keep oneself updated of latest professional knowledge and practice (in the field of specialization) available in Vietnam.
• Lead short-term training courses or facilitate workshop on familiar professional topics for partners and junior staff.
• Evaluate professional competency of domestic consultant to recommend consultant recruitment

7. Team and organisational management
• Maintain healthy teamwork among team members working in the same programme component. Inform colleagues about the quality of the progress of program including reporting;
• Be clear of responsibility and authority levels among administrative, financial and programme staff working in the same programmes.
• Coordinate work plan and resources among administrative staff or team members working in the same programme component effectively and efficiently.
• Participate as panelist member in recruitment of new programme staff.
• Encourage and coaching colleagues in working according to organisational culture.
• Explain the functions and work procedures of one’s own section and the most related section. Actively provide valuable background information and ideas for the development of organisational strategic decisions either in organisational meetings or in informal discussions.Contribute to the policy and strategy development of MCNV on HIV/AIDS;
• Develop and maintain a professional support network of national and international professional relations;
• Perform other tasks within the context of the HIV programs when needed.

Qualifications and requirements
• Academic level of education in public health, medicine, epidemiology, medical anthropology or health related field; preferably with a relevant post-graduate qualification;
• Practical experiences and demonstrable skills in project administration and management;
• Excellent organizational, administration and logistics skills;
• Good English writing and general communication skills;
• Financial management experience at the level of budgets and checking expenditures;
• Ability to use computer software related to program administration;
• Interest in participatory approaches to health development planning;
• Experience and interest in HIV/AIDS;
• Ability to communicate and work with people from diverse socio-economic and cultural background;
• Ability to work independently and in a team;
• Having good references;
• Willingness to learn and travel.
• Result oriented working style.

• Minimum 4 to 5 years related working experience required.

• Interest in applied and action research
• Ten years of experience preferred
• Experience in working with ethnic minorities and with an (I) NGO or development organization preferred.
• Development opportunities

This is a fulltime position for the duration of the project (up to end of 2011). Training opportunities on the job, including support for academic publishing, are available as long as they are related to the tasks of the employee.

To apply
Deadline: 1 February 2010
Please send your resume and a writing sample of your (independently) written work to Ms. Vu Thuy Quynh at:  
A written test is part of the recruitment procedure.