ISG tuyển Cán bộ truyền thông

ISG cần tuyển Cán bộ truyền thông. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 20/10/2008. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:


The Secretariat of the International Support Group (ISG), set up under the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to support MARD in coordination for ODA activities between MARD and donor community and strengthen its ability to attract FDI, is now seeking a qualified Vietnamese national for the position of Information & Communication Officer.

Detailed Terms of Reference (ToRs) of the above vacancy can be obtained from ISG website at

Minimum qualifications and experience: 

– University graduate or equivalent in communication and information 

– A minimum of 3 years of relevant working experience is required 

– Excellent writing, editing in both vietnamese and English is essential 

– Analytical skill is required 

– Proven experience and successful record in working with international donors is essential 

– Comprehension of existing GoV and MARD development plans, priorities, policies and strategies is an advantage. 

– Experience with project planning and implementation is an advantage 

– A mastery of the English language in writing and speaking is a requisite. 

– Ability to work independently and as part of a team and ability to work with GoV authorities at different levels 

– Experience with MARD and DARDs is an advantage. 

– A pro-active, self motivated, quality driven personality, good knowledge of computer software, web admin preferred.

Applications should be submitted to the ISG Secretariat at 1st floor, A15 building, 10 Nguyen Cong Hoa, Hanoi, consisting of a cover letter and a C.V, along with copies of relevant degrees and certificates in a sealed envelop, by 4:30 P.M, 20th October 2008 (Tel: 07.7711736). Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview.


ISG Information & Communication Officer


Describe ISG mandate: 

– Policy dialogue between MARD and donors, other ministries and partners needs to be strengthened to assist donors to be able to adjust existing and up-coming projects and programmes to current development plans, policies, priorities and strategies of GoV and MARD; 

– There is a need to disseminate information to donors and other partners regarding GoV and MARD plans, programmes, priorities, policies, planning parameters, targets and strategies to enable donors and other partners to adjust present and up-coming support accordingly; 

– ISG needs to play a more pro-active role disseminating information about rolend functions of ISG, and in particular how and why each individual donor can benefit from ISG; 

– Technical coordination within MARD and between MARD and donors, partners, other ministries and provinces needs to be strengthened; 

– ISG needs to establish working relationship with provinces for effective coordination and dialogue in support of the work of the three TAGs; and 

– TAGs generally have been very useful, and that participants have limited time to spare for meetings and dialogue beyond the regular meetings.

To ensure smooth flows of deemed necessary information among all ISG stakeholders, an Information & Communication Officer is needed to assist ISG with communication, collection and dissemination of information regarding sector policies, strategies, priorities, and plans of Vietnamese agencies as well as of international donors. The role of the Information & Communication Officer will be to coordinate the development process of ISG management information system, which aims to assist policy dialogue and exchange of information and lessons learnt.


The following is the overall and specific objectives of the Information & Communication Officer:


Assist ISG in development of its management information system that aims to improve the information inputs for policy dialogue and coordination within MARD and between MARD and other ministries, donors, NGOs, other partners and provinces to ensure optimal utilisation of ODA and facilitate that development plans, policies, priorities and strategies of GoV and MARD are being attained.


Tasks & Responsibilities:

1. Programme Communications

i) Working closely with ISG Program officer, ICN coordinator, departmental MARD and provincial officials to prepare reports, stories, photogalleries and other materials in support of communicating the work of ISG, MARD policies related activities

ii) Be primarily responsible for the development and maintaining of ISG website to promote and communicate the work of ISG/MARD;

iii) To support programme staff, MARD officials to prepare and place substantial information about MARD and ISG policies related work into the public domain, primarily on the web-site;

iv) To work with CIO of other MARD partnerships to incorporate web-based communication strategies, web-based information sharing and networking in their programmes to identify and develop the coordination role of ISG;

v) To work with staff and partners on media strategies and the compliation of media packages to enhance the impact of ISG/ICD work;

2. Programme Information

i) Under the direction of the ISG Manager and relevant staff, and with support from IT support staff, develop a new information management system to coordinate electronic and paper based information resources including: 

– library resources; 

– project data; 

– thematic and other development data; 

– emails and communication records; 

– project photographic records; 

– project report archives; 

– administrative and financial records.

ii) Harmonisation of the above with; 

– email and communication systems; 

– Integrate database 

– Accounting System (COA).

iii) To provide support to programme staff on the use of the system, and be responsive to feedback to improve its efficiency

3. Other Tasks

i) To develop and maintain a coherent and organized workplans and to liaise with other partnerships on these on a routine basis;

ii) To represent ISG to other organizations and in external forums as required;

iii) To participate in development of annual /six month ISG workplan ;

iv) To participate in various as requested

v) Co-operate and exchange learning with various staff in the home office and other partners;

vi) Other tasks as necessary and required in negotiation with the line manager.

Selection Criteria



– Minimum of 3 years post-graduate experience in communications or media liaison; 

– Demonstrated strength and IT competency, and expertise with one or more graphic design or publishing software; 

– Strong written English.

Competencies required 

– Ability to work independently, assume responsibility, initiate workplans and deliver effectively to deadlines; 

– Excellent relational skills and the ability to represent the organization in various forums to build productive alliances and partnerships; 

– Well organized; 

– Outgoing, expressive with highly effective writing and expression; 

– Strong IT and computer skills; 

– Personal commitment to ISG principles and the rights based approach, including gender and cultural equity, and participation;

This job description is intended as a guide and should not be viewed as an inflexible specification, as it may be varied from time to time in the light of strategic developments following discussion with the post holder. The post holder will be expected to work to agreed objectives that should facilitate achievement of key responsibilities in accordance with the performance review process.


The ISG Information & Communication Officer will report to the ISG Secretariat Manager. The Information & Communication Officer will prepare monthly workplans and brief progress reports on ISG MIS to be submitted to the Manager prior to commencing a new calendar month. Workplans and progress reports will be developed in accordance with the ISG Operational Plan.