Hội chữ thập đỏ Hà Lan tuyển Cán bộ dự án

Hội chữ thập đỏ Hà Lan cần tuyển Cán bộ dự án. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 25/06/2008. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:


Purpose and duration

To assist the Vietnam Red Cross Society (VNRC) in the implementation, and follow-up of the Commu nity Development Project; to provide technical backup for VNRC in the intervention fields of the project; and to coordinate with VNRC and other Participating National Societies (PNSs) of Red Cross in Water and Sanitation activities.

The PO will receive a one-year contract that will be extended depending on the performance of the employee. The first 2 months will be a probation period, of which at the end a performance appraisal will take place.

Areas of responsibilities

The Project Officer is assigned to the Office of the Netherlands Red Cross in Hanoi on a full time basis. The Project Officer will be responsible for the proper implementation of the Community Development Project by the VNRC. Furthermore the Project Officer will be representing the Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) in meetings and workshops.

Description of the Community Development Project

The Community Development project is implemented in 7 poor and disaster prone communes in Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. The CD Project is divided into 2 piloting phases, with phase 1 completed during June 2005 – October 2006 managed by the VNRC Headquarters and the 5 provincial Red Cross chapters. The 2nd phase timeframe is two years, from August 2007 to July 2009. This phase aims at internalizing the community development approach into the Community Development and Capacity Building Programme of VNRC.

The second phase of this project, is about to enter its second year, aims to improve the living conditions by increasing people?s self-management skills to solve their pressing needs. The project especially focuses on community-based water and sanitation and healthcares; income generation/livelihood development for Red Cross target beneficiaries; and capacity building through the facilitation of Red Cross network. Besides, the project aims to build the capacity of VNRC in community development.

Description of the working environment

The NLRC is based in an office with the International Federation of the Red Cross and other Red Cross National Societies. All of which are working together with VNRC. The NLRC consists of 6 staff, from which 5 Vietnamese and 1 Dutch. Internal communcation is informal and the collegues are supporting each other when necessary.

Duties and responsibilities

The PO is primary responsible to work together with VNRC team (one Project Manager, one Project Officer, one Project Accountant and one Project Assistant) and support them in the implementation of the Community Development project, in a way that builds VNRC?s capacity and ownership.

Project specific: 

– Work together with VNRC project officers to ensure good project planning, implementation and monitoring. This includes joining VNRC on the frequent monitoring trips to the project sites (at least twice every quarter), and make sure that lessons learned and experiences identified are properly reported and followed-up; 

– Assist VNRC Officers in detail designs of training activities (thematic TOT trainings and grassroots trainings) and in developing technical guidelines to targeted provinces and communes. 

– Coordinate with the IFRC, Participating National Societies (PNSs), VNRC in Water and Sanitation activities. Actively participate in Water and Sanitation Working Group of PNSs, including joint development and follow up of the coordination work plan, cross-exchange visits and other joint initiatives in the field. 

– Liaise with other relevant government agencies, NGO Working Groups (e.g. Watsan and Microfinance) for information sharing and regular updates of Community Development Project. 

– Facilitate VNRC officers to prepare regular quarterly reports and other reports as specified in the Project Memorandum of Agreement. Write quarterly project updates to NLRC Headquarter and Donor(s). 

– Keep contacts and inform VNRC leaders when the project requires so; 

– Assure that reporting matches donor and NLRC requirements. 

– Help VNRC to understand and meet the donor requirements and contractual obligations, including VNRC in (quarterly) reporting (in English); 

– Integrate lessons learned from Red Cross and other organisations in order to improve the service delivered to the beneficies. 

– Make sure that lessons learned and experiences from the first phase of the project are properly followed up during the implementation of the second phase; 

– Give technical backstopping and ensure constant communication in the project at all levels. 

– Work together with the VNRC and NLRC accountant to facilitate financial management and reporting; 

– Take care of the project?s administration in the NLRC office; 

– Share experiences with and learn from other organizations working in similar fields.

General tasks

The Project Officer has the following general tasks: 

– Keep informed about all relevant developments (globally, nationally with regards to the themes that are within the PO?s responsibility. 

– Represent the NLRC in official meetings, workshops, field trips and other occasions as and when required. Assist the Representative during meetings, workshops, field trips and other occasions this may include translations) 

– To represent the NLRC Project Office, and ensure effective working relationships with VNRC leadership and management, local authorities, government agencies, national and international NGOs and other relevant parties 

– Any other duty related to the work as and when requested by the NLRC delegate in Hanoi or the Headquarters in The Netherlands.


The Project Officer will report to and is supervised by the NLRC Representative in Vietnam. In case of his/her absence, the Representative will be replaced by the Programme Coordinator.

Key Requirements

Working Experience Minimally 3-5 years of project management experience in the areas of community development (basic health care, water sanitation and social work) and community based approaches, preferably with an international NGO or agency. Have technical background in water and sanitation project is an asset.

Language Fluency in English and Vietnamese, both orally and in writing

Skills and qualities Interest in working for a humanitarian organization; Supportive attitude, focused on coaching/building capacity; Good project management skills, including planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation; Motivator, Dynamic and ability to work independent, Good communication skills;

Willingness to travel frequently to the project communes (about once per month);

Open-minded attitude towards working with people in the rural areas and ethnic minorities;



If you are the right person for this position, please send your motivation letter, CV (both in English) and 2 references to Mrs. Le Thi Nhat by e-mail: admin@nlrc.org.vn.
Deadline for application is the 25th of June 2008. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted in the beginning of July, job interviews will be conducted shortly after that.