VNCPC cần tuyển thực tập sinh

Trung tâm Sản xuất sạch hơn Việt Nam (VNCPC) tuyển vị trí thực tập sinh làm việc trong 4 tuần. Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 12/12/2007. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

The Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre (VNCPC):

Established in 1998 within the framework of the UNIDO/UNEP worldwide network of Cleaner Production Centres and hosted by the Hanoi University of Technology, VNCPC is a national focal point for the promotion and implementation of Eco-efficient industrial production in Vietnam through Cleaner Production (CP) and Cleaner Technology. VNCPC delivers high quality services such as cleaner production assessments, financial engineering, technology advice, training and information to industries, service providers, academia and authorities. The objective of the Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre is to contribute to the sustainable industrial development of Vietnam.

More information:

The project:

VNCPC is implementing the project “Cleaner Production for Better Products (CP4BP)” within the framework of the EU Asia-Invest Programme. The 20-month CP4BP project aims at increasing the capacity of selected industries in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR to develop innovative products adapted to the environmental and social requirements of the European market, through the application of sustainable product design techniques.

CP techniques have proved their effectiveness in promoting best practices to reduce costs for industry as well as waste and pollution at source. Their application in the region, however, has mainly focused on low cost good housekeeping or process modifications. The product focus will help increase companies? competitiveness and sustain the countries? growth thanks to its higher economic (better market access, products with higher added value) and environmental potential (throughout product life cycle, from raw material selection to production in Asia, product use and disposal in Asia or Europe). As a collaborative effort between the Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre, the Asian Institute of Technology Centre in Vietnam, the Phnom Penh Small and Medium Industry Association, the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the United Nations Environment Programme and the Technical University of Delft, the project will support the creation of an enabling environment for the development of a market for sustainable product development services.

In Vietnam, the project will combine a train-the-trainer workshop to develop the national capacity in sustainable product development with real-scale application of sustainable product (re-)design in 3 pilot companies, demonstrating the relevance of product-related CP methodologies. The results will then be developed into case studies and disseminated to industrial companies of the relevant sectors through training workshops and to a broader range of stakeholders, including industry associations and authorities, through dissemination workshops, with the aim to initiate a demand for sustainable product development services.

Job de scri ption:

The successful candidate will assist the project manager in the preparation of a “Country Assessment Report on Sustainable Product Design in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR”.

His/her tasks will mainly consist in the collection of information on economic, environmental and social situation in Vietnam, product design capabilities and other related topics, and in the drafting of specific sections of the report, in close cooperation with the project manager.

The country assessment will include: 

– An analysis of sustainability issues (including environmental and social) of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Lao products exported to the European market in selected priority sectors. 
– A regional and global review of existing best practices (case studies and relevant actors) in the field of product-related CP techniques that can address the challenges identified above. Special emphasis will be placed on existing European resources. 
– A review of the 3 countries capabilities in product development in relevant sectors. 
– A review of European market demand for more sustainable products and potential of technology transfer and cooperation between European, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Lao companies. 
– The report will outline priority sustainability issues to be addressed, corresponding industrial sectors and products to focus on in the participating countries, and potential companies to be recruited in Vietnam (including a gap analysis to be addressed in the capacity building phase). 
– An assessment of training needs of the three countries and European business intermediaries.


The successful candidate will fulfill the following requirements:
– Background in economic or social field with good knowledge of the industrial environment of Vietnam. Familiarity with technical and environmental issues.
– Background in engineering or environmental science with good knowledge of the industrial environment of Vietnam. Familiarity with socio-economic issues.
– Good English language and drafting skills
– Good Vietnamese language skills
– Proficiency in the use of computer software including Word and Excel
– Ability to working both independently and in teams
– Good personal skills and discipline

Interested applicants should send application letter and CV in English by email to:

Mr. Nguyen Hong Long,
Project Manager – CP4BP Project
Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre

With copy to:

Mr. Bertrand Collignon
UNV Specialist in Cleaner Technology and Social Accountability
Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre