Liên hoan phim quốc tế ở Cinematheque

Từ ngày 24-30/11/2007 tại Cinematheque số 22 Hai Bà Trưng sẽ diễn ra liên hoan phim Quốc tế "Chuyện ở Đô thị". Vào cửa tự do. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

UN Film Festival: Tales of the City

UN Film Festival 2007Date: 24.-30. November, 2007
Venue: Ha Noi Cinematheque, 22A Hai Ba Trung

The UN Viet Nam Country Team Proudly Presents: Tales of the City – An International Film Festival

The world is about to leave its rural past behind, and next year, for the first time, more than half the globe’s population will be living in urban areas. In Viet Nam, about one million more people live in cities every year. The growth of cities will be the single largest influence on development in the 21st century.

With ten thought-provoking films, the UN Film Festival invites you on a journey of urbanization that spans the world. 

Programme Schedule 

Film Summaries

o Boomsville
o Green Meadow
o Modern Times
o Dark Days
o Maquila, A Tale of Two Mexicos
o Dreaming of Being a Worker
o Koyaansiqatsi
o Salaam Bombay
o Tsotsi
o La Sierra 

Notes on film screenings

International Film Festival Programme
at Hanoi Cinematheque

Saturday 24 November (by invitation only)
18:00 Opening of the UN film festival and launch of the UNFPA report “State of World Population 2007: Unleashing the Potential of Urban Growth”
19:30 Boomsville and Green Meadow

Sunday 25 November
14:00 Boomsville and Modern Times
19:00 Dark Days
Speakers: Pham Thuy Loan (Hanoi University of Civil Engineering) and Paul Schuttenbelt (Urban Solutions) will discuss urban housing and planning in Viet Nam

Monday 26 November
14:00 Dark Days (student screening*)
19:00 Maquila, A Tale of Two Mexicos
and Dreaming of Being a Worker
Speakers: Tran Phuong Thao, director of “Dreaming of Being a Worker” will discuss her film, joined by two of the women in the documentary, Ms. Dinh and Ms. Toan

Tuesday 27 November
14:00 Maquila, A Tale of Two Mexicos
and Dreaming of Being a Worker (student screening*)
19:00 Koyaansiqatsi
Speakers: Dang Huong Giang (Action for the City) will discuss the environmental impact of urbanization in Viet Nam

Wednesday 28 November
14:00 Salaam Bombay (student screening*)
19:00 Tsotsi
Speakers: Daragh Halpin (Koto) will discuss issues relating to disadvantaged youths in Viet Nam

Thursday 29 November
14:00 Tsotsi (student screening*)
19:00 La Sierra

Friday 30 November
14:00 La Sierra (student screening*)
19:00 Green Meadow

Speakers: Tran Thu Hien, Nguyen Thi Tam, Le Thu Ha, Tran Phuong Thao, Nguyen Dang Bac, Nguyen Thi Nhung and Nguyen Thi Tuyet, the children who made “Green Meadow”, will answer questions from the audience on the film and their lives

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