Dự án MRLG tuyển thực tập sinh

Dự án Quản trị Đất đai Khu vực Mê Kông cần tuyển 01 thực tập sinh làm việc trong 01 năm bắt đầu từ 1/9/2016, làm việc tại văn phòng Hà Nội và đi công tác theo yêu cầu.

Hạn cuối nộp hồ sơ: 20/08/2016

Thông tin chi tiết vui lòng xem bên dưới (tiếng Anh):


The Mekong Region Land Governance Project commenced in March 2014. This project is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), with additional support anticipated from the Government of Germany. It is jointly implemented by Land Equity International (LEI) and Professionals for Fair Development (GRET).

In the Mekong Region, a high proportion of the indigenous and ethnic minority populations depend on subsistence agriculture, and ethnic minorities have fewer livelihood alternatives to agriculture and hunting/gathering/fishing than majority groups. Weak tenure security and a lack of systems for the recognition of customary tenure is one of the factors driving ethnic minorities into poverty and conflict over resources.

With the legislation plan timeline of the National Assembly, 2018, VNFOREST will be responsible to draft the Forestry law and will submit to National Assembly at the session of the National Assembly in May 2018. This Law is developed based on the Law on Forest Protection and Development. This Law is very important, especially for ethnic minorities and small holders to protect their claim to land and resources in forest areas.

Common objective of the MRLG Project is to create and develop compositions of good land governance system in order to protect the rights and interests of farmer households especially the poor households, ethnic minority households and the households owned by women in the process of land transition on a large scale to serve regional industrialization and urbanization in a relationship among the countries in the region. So, MRLG willing want to support this issue.

The MRLG Goal is such that “good land and natural resource governance is progressively embodied in policy and practice with transparent dialogue between Reform Actors in the four target countries and with broader regional stakeholders”. The project has two approaches to meet this goal, 1) influencing public policy and practice, and 2) capacity building of reform actors. A position for an intern is available for a 1 year term to provide a young and enthusiastic person who is seen as a potential champion reform actor to become more deeply aware of land governance issues in Viet Nam and provide addition research gathering and analysis in support of critical L&A activities.

Starting date: 1st September 2016

Intern Duration: 1 year.

Work location: MRLG Viet Nam Representative Office (co-located with Gret), Ha Noi, Viet Nam, possible domestic and regional travel may be required.


  • Graduated university in social field, completed a higher degree is a preference but not essential.
  • Good experience in Gender and ethnic minority issues
  • Knowledge and understanding on research methodology
  • Demonstrated a good command of the English language, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Demonstrated research capacity to conduct independent data collection.
  • Good organizational, team work, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Be able to respond to changing demands.
  • A responsible attitude towards work, health and safety of the office environment.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

Support research activities under the Learning and Alliance building activities.

  • Develop a work plan and research framework in support of the Forest Law development with issues of gender and ethnic minority groups as priority objectives. This plan shall complement the work of MRLG stakeholders as an additional resource for gathering data and providing some analysis.
  • Assist NLGF to follow up Forestry Law, activities of stakeholders and policy formulation process.
  • Assist with the monitoring of activities concerning ethnic minority groups, including L&A, QDF and IF activities. 
  • Assist and support NLGF with various tasks as required, including preparation of major events such as the annual National Stakeholder Workshops.
  • Promote a harmonious work environment and the LEI and Gret values.


  • The intern would report directly to the National Land Governance Facilitator on a monthly basis through a short written report.
  • Quarterly analytical report on Forestry Law from the perspective of gender and ethnic minority issues.
  • Reporting to Regional Office on activities of interest to women, ethnic minority groups and others as required from Regional Coordinator, Joo Zimmermann and reporting to Grant Facility if gender and ethnic minority issues are raised in QDF or IF projects.

Support from MRLG:

  • MRLG will provide a monthly salary for the Intern.
  • MRLG will provide a computer for use by the Intern
  • MRLG will cover expenses for domestic and regional travel as required. This travel must have prior approval from the Team Leader. Travel request forms are necessary to be completed.
  • MRLG, particularly through the NLGF, will provide on the job training to enhance skills required for the job.
  • The NLGF shall provide networking support.
  • Gret, as the hosting organization and MRLG will meet on a regular basis (quarterly) to discuss activities and progress of the Officer.

If you want to apply, please send your CV and motivation letter to nguyenngoclanlawyer@gmail.com and gretvn@gret.org.vn before 20th August 2016 with the subject: Apply for Intern of MRLG

LEI promote an inclusive workforce diversity with respect to gender and ethnic diversity (*). We are actively seeking a young female representative for this position.