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Oxfarm tuyển nhiều vị trí Tư vấn viên, làm việc cho dự án “Nâng cao khả năng tiếp cận thị trường và đẩy mạnh khả năng lãnh đạo trong kinh tế cho phụ nữ Rắc-lây ở Ninh Thuận”

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 3/9/2012

Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

1. Background

“Enhancing Market Access and Promoting Economic Leadership for Raglai Women in Ninh Thuan Province” project, funded by Oxfam for a period 2010-2014 has now entered the 2nd year of implementation. Its objectives are (i) raising women’s knowledge and skills in commodity production and the market-oriented approach; (ii) strengthening Raglai women’s power in economic relations through promoting cooperation of medium and small production/business groups; (iii) developing local commodity production and markets through policy advocacy and direct support to enterprises and producer groups; and (iv) promoting change in labour division between men and women in the family in order to facilitate women take part in economic activities to generate a greater family income.

Prior to the designing of this project, in September 2010, Oxfam carried out a gendered market selection and mapping research to identify potential agricultural sub-sectors/commodities that have high market demand as well as best fit for Raglai women producers. Findings of the research concluded that cow, black pig, maize, bean…are the most potential products satisfying research criterion. As productive and market capacities of Raglai women producers at that time were not up to level that project could intervene directly with value chain development for specific product so it was first started with general productive (agricultural extension and veterinary) and market/business capacity building activities for producer groups. It is now an appropriate moment to validate, in a consultation with stakeholders (producer group, communities, partners, enterprises) earlier research results; finalize one (or maximum two sub-sectors) and develop specific intervention plan to support community in Bac Ai and Thuan Bac districts to develop selected sub-sector(s). For such reasons, Oxfam would like to recruit a national consultancy team to carry the assignment with details as follow:

2. Objective

To finalise the most relevant sub-sector(s) from the list of previously selected ones by Oxfam in Ninh Thuan province and prepare an intervention plan for development of the chosen sub-sector(s).

3. Specific tasks

• Review outputs/recommendations of the gendered market selection and mapping research report and related documents;

• Carry out interviews, focus group discussions with member of producer group, communities, partners, cooperatives, agents, private companies to seek inputs, validate sub-sector selection;

• Conduct a literature review on market demand, supply, risk, business feasibility etc. regarding the chosen sub-sector(s);

• Develop business plan options/scenarios for selected sub-sector(s) for small and medium producers backed by statistics and analysis of opportunities, challenges, labour, sales, costs, benefits and other related factors in order to ensure its profitability and sustainability in future;

• Prepare a work plan or developing the selected strategic sub-sector in next 3 years;

• Consult with stakeholders on findings and results of the assignment by organizing final consultation workshop at provincial level.

4. Methodologies

The study will be a combination of desk study and field visit to Ninh Thuan province. The target groups of the study are women, producer groups with special emphasis given to marginalized groups e.g. poor women and ethnic minorities. Application of PRA practices is encouraged.

5. Outputs

• A report summarizing inputs from stakeholders and analyses from the consultancy team with clear recommendation on chosen sub-sectors and arguments behind this choice;

• Business options/scenarios for selected sub-sector(s) for small and medium producers with statistics and analysis of opportunities, challenges, required credit, sales, costs (labour, raw materials inputs…), benefits and other related factor(s);

• Forecasted local and higher market map for the sub-sector(s);

• A detail 3-year work plan to develop chosen sub-product(s) covering production, marketing, branding, distribution, input services, participation of women producers…;

• A sharing and consultation workshop organized when the field work is completed in a participatory manner with participation of the partners, key actors and representatives of the producers to share the research findings and discuss their roles, contributions, integration of other possible development programmes and cooperation in order to continue to develop the chain/sub-sector;

• All outputs (report, intervention plan, matrix, market map, business scenarios…of selected sub-sectors) should be presented in both English and Vietnamese following Oxfam’s format.

6. Desired consultants

• Sound knowledge and experiences in market study, value chain analysis and private sector development;

• Strong gender analytical skills, especially women economic leadership and gender equity;

• In-depth knowledge of research methods with particular focus on participatory methods, including in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, observation and especially a good sense of running business;

• At least 5 years of experience with demonstrated monitoring and evaluation knowledge, skills and experiences of rural development programme;

• High level written and verbal English and Vietnamese communication skills;

• Having understandings of customs and practices, gender relations, livelihoods of ethnic groups in Ninh Thuan province is preferable;

• Excellent organizational and facilitation skills;

• At least a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, agriculture and rural development, development studies or social sciences.

7. Deadline for application

The research should be, ideally, carried out in September 2012. Applying consultant team are requested to submit a proposal to Oxfam via email (preferred) or post no later than 3rd September 2012. The application should include method, process, time-frame, detailed planning of activities, detailed budget projection (including taxes), responsibility and working days of each team member, CVs of each team member and proposed structure of report and intervention plan. Consultancy team might be invited to discuss their proposal with Oxfam staff during the selection process.

 8. Contact person

Mai The Long

Livelihoods Programme Officer


22 Le Dai Hanh, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 4 3945 4362 (ext 134)

Email: mtlong@oxfam.org.uk