Quỹ CIDEAL tuyển quản lý nước sạch và vệ sinh môi trường

Quỹ Hợp tác và Điều tra CIDEAL cần tuyển 1 quản lý dự án về nước sạch và vệ sinh môi trường làm việc tại Thanh Hóa. Hạn nhận hồ sơ đến ngày 20-08-2011. Thông tin chi tiết như sau:

TITLE OF THE ACTION: Strengthening the economic and social integration of vulnerable groups  through  a  sustainable  productive  development  approach  in  areas  of  activity  of  the  Spanish Cooperation in Vietnam
NGO: Foundation CIDEAL of Cooperation and Investigation
POST:  Water and sanitation manager
PLACE: Thanh Hoa
EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT LENGTH: one year with the possibility to extend 3 years.

Foundation CIDEAL has approved an international cooperation program of 3 years financed by  the Spanish Agency for International and Development Cooperation (AECID). This program will be developed in the Province of Thanh Hoa in the district of of Hoang Hoa.

The present project will be working with 650 families from 4 communes (Hoang Khánh, Hoang  Giang,  Hoang  Xuan  and  Hoang  Phuong)  in  the  province  of  Thanh  Hoa  in  the  following intervention:

The  first  intervention  concentrates  in  the  implementation  of  a  micro  credit  system  at communal  level  and  in  advisory  services  for  the  beneficiaries,  in  an  effort  to  favor  the continued access of the families to production means.

The second intervention concentrates on increasing the farming production to guarantee food security and improved sales through access to irrigation and to production means.

The  third  intervention  concentrates  in  the  commercialization  of  products.  In  this  period  the commercialization  processes  will  be  reviewed  and  a  market  study  will  be  realized. This intervention looks at promoting local farming products (rice, maize, production animal, etc.) in the national and international markets.

The fourth intervention aim at increasing the access to drinking water and sanitation systems (wells, drinking water systems, latrines and rubbish collection systems). This will improve the general health of the population.

The  fifth  intervention  involves  the  design  of  a  risk  prevention  systems  and  risk  management systems for floods through a specialist consultant, reducing the negative impact of the floods.

The  sixth  intervention  goes  to  increase  awareness  of  human  development  in  the  population through cooking days, in schools, in people ?s homes and other places.

And  finally,  the  seventh  intervention  concentrates  in  building  the  capacities  of  the  local  and provincial authorities in the areas in which the present project takes place.

General duties:
– Assessment  and  analysis  of  the  irrigation  alternatives  for  farming  of  the  project  participant.
– Technical support and training for farmers to implement irrigation systems.
– Monitoring and management the Farmer ?s irrigation systems.
– Preparing for the TdR to contract the systems irrigation consultant.
– Technical support and training for latrines and potable water systems construction address the population.
– Manager and monitoring the population work and punctual contracted personnel for the working about water and sanitation.
– Design and implementation verification source.
– Prepare management tools: report, statistician, field book, chronograms, etc.
– Inform  and  facilitate  all  necessary  tools  and  information  about  project  to management and monitoring.
– Implement  Project  following  Spanish  Cooperation  normative  and  the  Vietnamese law.

– Agronomical engineer or civil or industrial engineer
– More  5  years  demonstrable  experience  on  the  water  and  sanitation  (latrines,  clean water, systems irrigation)
– More  3  years  demonstrable  experience  on  the  sector  rural  development  with international organisms. We will consider experience in Spanish project ?s to positive.
– Good English and/or French level speaking and writing.

Gross salary during first year according to requirement will be between 3.500$ and 7.000$, after first year, salary will be fixed according to work. Contract according to  Vietnamese law
Please, Send English or French CV and the contacts for references to eva.delgado@cideal.org