CHS tuyển Trợ lý nghiên cứu

Trung tâm Nghiên cứu Sức khỏe cộng đồng (CHS) cần tuyển Trợ lý nghiên cứu. Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 30/10/2010.

The Center for Community Health Strategy (CHS) ( is a non-governmental organization established by a group of medical doctors and social scientists working in the field of public health and economic development. CHS main areas of research and development include HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and adolescent health, health systems development, environmental sustainability, and development economics. The Center works in close collaboration with local, national
and international partners including academic institutions and governmental and non-governmental organizations in research and intervention activities to promote healthcare for communities in Vietnam. Beneficiaries of the Center are the vulnerable and
disadvantaged groups including women, children, the disabled and the poor.

Since its founding, CHS has conducted research on HIV/AIDS and sexual transmitted diseases, adolescent reproductive health, gender inequality and health care financing in Vietnam. Current major research projects are on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, healthcare financing reform including new provider payment method and universal health insurance.

HEFPA (Health Equity and Financial Protection in Asia) is a four-years project that will advance understanding of the related problems of limited and unequal access to health care and of exposure to the financial risks associated with illnesses in low and lower-middle income in six Asian countries (Cambodia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam). In Vietnam, the project aims at understanding the impact of extending the Vietnam Health Insurance Program to the poor and informal sector and reforms to provider payment systems.

CHS RA opportunity is open to individuals who are strong in quantitative analysis and statistics background to do data cleaning and data merging of large survey data (such as the Vietnam Households Living Standards Survey and social security data) and to involve in data analysis using advanced analytical techniques. The candidates should be familiar with data cleaning and data analysis. Preference will be given to those who know STATA and/or SPSS and have medical or public health background.

CHS offers a RA position for initially three months with the possibility of extension. The expansion will depend on individuals’ capabilities of research and the availability of funding. It is a great opportunity for ambitious incumbents to work with renowned experts in this field, and advanced training opportunities in universities in Europe and North America.

Researchers who are strong in mathematics, econometrics and biostatistics are strongly preferred.

If you are interested please submit your CV and a letter describing your experiences to: before October 30, 2010

Center for Community Health Strategy
No 108 – Ngoc Thuy – Long Bien – Hanoi
Phone: 04 38711020
Fax: 04 38715490