Khóa học về giám sát và đánh giá dự án

Trung tâm Phát triển truyền thông Quốc tế (ICDC) sẽ tổ chức khóa học về Giám sát và đánh giá dự án tại Băng Cốc, Thái Lan từ 09 -19/11/2010. Hạn nộp đơn: 26/10/2010.

I. General Course Information
Title: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
Participants: Project or program managers, M & E staff, Researchers, or anyone whose work involves M & E
Date: 9-19 November 2010
Venue: ICDC, ETO, KU, Bangkok, Thailand
The deadline for application is on 26 October 2010

II. Background, Objectives and Content
The millenium development goals include as a priority, poverty alleviation. National strategies have been implemented for sustainable development in every country through various development efforts and integrating monitoring and evaluation systems within the management of programmes and projects to measure performance and outcomes to meet the overall strategic objectives. At the same time, participation of stakeholders for learning and action is a direct effect of the process.

This training, therefore, is aimed at providing the participants a crosscutting edge of experiences in both theory and practice in monitoring and evaluation activities. The output of the 2-week course will be a functional level of ability of the participants to:

1. explain the importance of monitoring and evaluation in the strategic management of projects;
2. analyze stakeholders participation in monitoring and evaluation activities for sustainability;
3. learn from the Thai experience planning, monitoring and evaluation of development projects at different administrative
4. develop indicators for monitoring and evaluation;
5. design measuring tools, for both quantitative and qualitative data;
6. try-out data gathering plan in the field;
7. process data gathered by using an appropriate statistics program; and
8. present and discuss findings in relation to the specified objectives.

II. Training Methodology
The program is a combination of theory and field practice. Short lectures and substantial practice to enable participants to apply what has been learned is the main method augmented by field visits to organizations to provide insights on best practices in developing monitoring systems integrated in the overall strategy planning in a department or the organization. In all aspects of the program, the participants are expected to share ideas, raise particular concerns during the discussions, and be able to write a draft report on lessons learned at the end of the program.

Where time permits, visits to cultural places are also included to enhance an understanding of Thai culture which directly or indirectly affects the total development process especially in accountability and transparency.

III. Training Content
Module 1 – Overview of Monitoring and Evaluation
– Monitoring and evaluation in the project cycle
– The project logframe
– Stakeholders analysis
Module 2 – Strategies in Measurement
– Monitoring and evaluation concepts
– Identifying indicators
– Quantitative measures and sampling methods
– Qualitative measures
– Designing measuring tools
Module 3 – Implementing Monitoring and Evaluation Activities
– Planning for fieldwork
– Data collection
– Organizing and processing data
Module 4 – Presenting the Results
– Presenting data
– Interpretation of results
Module 5 – Planning for the development and integration of monitoring and evaluation systems into existing structures

V. Evaluation of Performance
Participants’ outputs are evaluated through their small-group presentations to the whole group. Training management is monitored through a daily feedback sheet, a field trip evaluation form and an end-of-course evaluation form by the participants.

VI. Costs
The course fee is US$1400 per participant which covers cost of tuition, training materials, morning and afternoon snacks, and transportation during field trips including airport transfer.

Not included are costs of accommodation, meals, personal expenses, transportation outside training activities and insurance.

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For a copy of Application Form, download from website.